Left-Brain Selling Simplifies Car Sales

left and right halves of brain

Month-end approaches and the sales numbers just aren’t there yet. You rally the troops and work feverishly. Does this situation ever happen at your dealership?

The staff practically pleads with every be-back, lost sale, and lost soul to get them back in the dealership, and then you virtually give away the store to win those deals. That’s no way to run a sophisticated auto dealership in the 21st century!

Instead of selling harder every month, let’s use left-brain selling—analytical selling—to make selling simpler. This will create sales opportunities that put the odds of closing them in your favor. This kind of selling leverages what you know about your customer’s buying needs to put them into a new or newer vehicle in a way that benefits all parties.

You know who these customers are; they belong to you already! The ones where you’ve studied the data and you’ve cross-referenced profiles to their specific “buy” signals. Dealers using left-brain selling like this can easily add 10 to 30 percent additional units every month to the sales board.

Rather than being frazzled and frustrated at month-end, you’ll find yourself smiling at the high numbers on the board. Nearly a third of them are sales you created with outreach to your existing customers!

Consider how left-brain selling can help your dealership discover opportunities to sell more:

Know which customers are ready to buy.

You know the equity position in their vehicles and you’re able to create attractive proposals that offer a new or newer model for about the same monthly payment.

Know which customers have the trades you want


You study your customer data and know which customers drive the kind of late model vehicles you’d like to take in trade to stock your used inventory. To obtain these desirable models, you approach these customers with attractive trade-in offers attached to purchase proposals that can put them into newer models for about the same payment as their current vehicle. You also reduce your reliance on auctions and wholesalers and save on commissions, sales fees, and transportation costs.

Know which customers need a vehicle service contract.

You’re alerted to these prospects, and thus prepared when they come in for service. Greet them in the service lane ready to help retain ownership peace of mind with a VSC, since the manufacturers’ warranty is about to expire on their current vehicle.

Know which customers require service.

You know which vehicles haven’t been in for the 15K-30K-45K-60K-75k or 90K service recommendations. Sales associates can meet those owners of higher mileage vehicles, while in service, to talk about trading up into a new or newer model.

Know which service drive customers could be your next sale.

You can search your customer database to help expand your market reach. Identify those vehicles you’ve serviced but did not originally sell. As you do you’ll be prepared (when the time is right) to present opportunities to this customer to purchase replacement vehicles from you.

For a downloadable eBook about intelligent selling, visit www.autoalert.com/solutions_ebook.asp or contact me.

Boyd Warner is CEO of AutoAlert®, Inc. (www.autoalert.com), the most advanced lead generation solution available on the market today. Contact him at bwarner@dealermark.com.

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