Let Your Customers Schedule Their Test Drives Online

There are a lot of ways that dealers can get leads, from traditional print advertising, television, and radio, to purchasing internet leads, and online banner ads, but one of the best possible leads you can get is one directly from your own website. Even with a lead directly from your own website, however, you still need to convince the customer to come to the dealership for a test drive. Fortunately, new technologies allow customers to browse your inventory online and schedule a test drive themselves, without even speaking to a salesperson.


Allowing customers to book a test drive reservation, from the specific vehicle listing on your site, in real-time, moves the sales process from a sales call or email request from the customer, right to the confirmed appointment with no human correspondence.


Having customers book a specific vehicle to test drive on a specific date and time cuts out all of the additional steps that typically occur in between. Many things can go wrong in the process before the customer gets to the test drive step, but having the customer move directly to one of the final steps in the car purchasing process results in much higher closing ratios than any other internet lead source. Typical closing ratios for test drive reservations run between 60–70 percent. Your buyer is a highly-motivated, qualified buyer that shows up.


Many buyers that are looking to purchase a vehicle do not want to speak to a salesperson or fill out an appointment request form and wait to hear back from the dealership. By allowing the customer make their own real-time reservation to drive a car with no human correspondence, the dealer has now opened up a whole new means of getting that buyer to show up with a self confirmed appointment. No promises have been made and no figures have been discussed. All the dealer needs to do is have the car ready for the buyers test drive reservation and work the deal.


Bryan Dawson is the CEO of Test Drive Generator, a software company providing real-time test drive bookings right from a dealer’s website. He can be reached at bdawson@dealermark.com, or visit www.testdrivegenerator.com.





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