Local Internet Search Marketing Techniques and Video SEO

Automotive internet marketing is ultra competitive. Currently there is more money being spent on local search advertising than in any other industry. Dealers have to use every tactic possible to gain market share of potential customers. I’m still amazed today when I hear that a dealer’s advertising budget is still mostly focused on traditional media outlets. Why is there such a fear to shift toward a more balanced approach between traditional and digital advertising?


The current statistics (an overwhelming amount) on consumers engaging with digital media are compelling enough, but let’s look at common sense reality. When was the last time you were driving on the highway with a pen and paper writing down the billboard ads? When was the last time you waited in anticipation, pen and paper in hand to take down information, for the advertisements while watching your favorite TV show? Maybe you have a DVR like millions of other families and don’t watch commercials. When was the last time you ran to the mailbox hoping to get a direct mail piece? Do you carry the phonebook (maybe a little too bulky to fit in your pocket) with you everywhere you go in case you need to find a business? Do you turn on the radio to do your shopping? If you are like most of the population, you don’t do any of these things; you actually use a computer, smart phone, or tablet to search online when you need information. Consumers have desensitized themselves and tuned out the unwanted noise of traditional push ads, because they know they can find what they want, when they want it, and at a time that is convenient to their actual interest level. With over 90 percent of car buyers using search engines to shop for vehicles, maybe a more balanced approach used in a traditional/digital marketing mix could create better results and engage your potential customers.


Using videos in the search results (Video SEO), can quickly get your dealership exposure on the first page of the search engines. Ninety-eight percent of consumers do not click past the first page search results, and 74 percent of consumers use internet search to find local businesses. This means your dealership needs to be on thefirst page of the search results for all the relevant keyword phrases related to the products and services you sell. Dealerships using videos in the search results are using the technique of sight, sound, and motion in advertising at the peak time for delivering their message—while the customer is consciously looking for their products or services.


One dealership group using Video SEO to expand their local internet search market share is the Rosen Automotive Group, which has eight stores located in Illinois and Wisconsin. Matt Wiener, IT Director for the group, says "Using Video SEO has enabled our stores to show up with multiple listings on the first page search results in our markets with high quality videos. Video SEO gives our stores exposure to potential customers when they are actually searching for our products and services. Using Video SEO is just one part of our overall digital marketing strategy that has helped us sell over 11,000 units in 2011." The keyword search example shown here “Honda Accord Kenosha” shows Rosen videos taking up five spots on the first page Google search results, thereby pushing out other competing dealers’ listings. Start using videos in search today!

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AJ LeBlanc, is the cofounder of Car-mercial.com and Carbuyersengine.com. For more information, email aleblanc@dealermak.com or visit www.car-mercial.com and www.carbuyersengine.com.





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