How to Market your Car Detailing Business

Have you spent countless number of hours and money on advertising in newspapers, flyers, mailers or even on radio? If yes, then you are not doing a good job in marketing your car detailing business.

Ironically, many auto dealers get fascinated by rudimentary advertising methods; however, it does not take them far. Unfortunately, car detail business is highly competitive, and, if you don’t nail effective marketing tactics for your business, you are surely going to disappear.

My suggestions to enhance the growth of your car detailing business are listed here:

Tip #1 Be simple and professional

‘Be simple and professional’, is a lot easier said than done. Your employees are going to be the brand ambassadors of your car detailing business, so make sure that they treat your customers gently. It is imperative to dress nicely and speak politely. Learn to be friendly and talk about other non-specific things like weather, sports. The last thing you would want to do is rush into the sale. Initiate the sale process slowly and gradually.

The best example that comes to my mind is about my experience at one of the Toyota’s car detailing business at Ferntree Gully


The people there are truly outstanding in customer services!

Tip #2 Have a Website

You cannot go wrong with this one. You need to; I mean, desperately need to have your website up. These days, people are going to go online where they are going to search for auto dealers on Google by simply typing basic keywords. Your job is to rank your website on the first page of Google and Yahoo.

Remember your target audience is informative audience, and convincing them is no walk in the park. These guys will read processes, see photos, compare prices, and read feedbacks! You have to have a website that is fully updated with interesting stuffs like your promotion deals and blogs. Understand that your website is going to act as a silent salesman.

Tip #3 Google Adwords

If you don’t mind spending a little extra dollars behind your marketing campaign then do consider creating a distinguished Google Adwords campaign. Depending on your advertising budget, you can select particular relevant keywords and bid for those keywords.

This tip should help you to increase traffic on your website, and, thereby, fetch you more business!

Tip #4 Social Networking Sites

Being omnipresent on social portals is a beneficial tactic to stay in touch with your past customers and to create awareness of your business.

Social networking portals such as Facebook and Twitter will help you create online communities where you can directly communicate with your audience.

Many car detailing businesses, which I have personally come across, have their online presence on such relevant social media websites. Although they may have their businesses physically located, say at Ferntree Gully or Upper Ferntree Gully, but their online presence is worldwide.

Tip #5 Partnerships

Ever wondered of having a partner for increasing your customer base? Another way of marketing your auto detailing business is by partnering with local mechanic shops and local oil change shops. This kind of partnership is going to work because you are partnering with local non-competing businesses.

Make sure that this partnership builds a win-win situation for all the parties involved. You can offer your detailing services at discount to only those customers who have done business with local mechanic shops or oil change shops. At the same time, when a customer buys your detailing services then the customer will receive free or gain some discounts on their next oil change at the local oil change store.

Partnership is a fantastic medium to gain exposure and increase word-of-mouth.

Tip #6 Network

Your services need to be sold and for that creating awareness is essential. One way to make people aware of your business is by joining networking groups of your local suburb. It is an effective medium to exchange leads to other members of the group.

Networking with the right people will give you an insight of your own business and your competitors. Make sure you attend all events of your networking group and let other members know that you are a serious player in the car detailing business.

Many car detail businesses don’t see the light of the day after 18 to 20 months. You surely don’t want to be amongst those businesses! Learn to integrate creative ideas in your campaign.

Samuel Joyce


  1. Avatar
    Diego November 19, 2014

    We at Car Wash Cleveland find that daily deal sites are a good way of marketing our services. Our site has seen a nice amount traffic from these sites. They may cut your company’s price by more than half but the value of marketing and customers knowing our service first hand is priceless.

    • Avatar
      Mark March 06, 2017

      Do you know anyone using vehicle data lists to pinpoint your prospective target market? We obtain approx. 3-5 million vehicles each month that contain the name, address, vehicle make/model/year and vin’s. If looking for just servicing BMW…you can target all the new prospects. Shoot me an email at markatcertifiedhelpdotcom if you have any questions.

  2. Avatar
    Roadside rescue Auckland June 11, 2017

    Great tips! I would definitely try to follow these tips car detailing business. I’m happy that you shared this helpful tips with us. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    Mobile mechanics

  3. Avatar
    Donna January 23, 2018

    Well said i deffernitely learned some new ways to construct my buisness

  4. Avatar
    Dan Allard February 20, 2018

    Thank you for the ideas. We are primarily a collision repair business, however, we are opening a new location soon that will start as an auto detailing business to test the market. We hope to use these ideas to get customers in. I especially like tip #5 and will be looking for partnership opportunities in the new area.


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