Marketing Mistakes Professionals Should Never Make

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Marketers aren’t always as together and organized as they like to think they are. They fumble from time to time, too. Have you ever received an email that you know wasn’t meant for you? Marketing mistake. Have you ever read a brand new blog post that’s just the same ol’ information recycled? Marketing mishap. Have you ever asked customer service a question on Twitter only to be ignored three times? Marketing faux pas.

Everybody makes mistakes. We’ll forgive them this once, but please, learn from their blunders. Steer clear of these pitfalls from now on and keep your angelic marketing reputation intact.

Yucky looking content

There really isn’t any excuse for long paragraphs of text. It takes two extra key swipes to press “Enter” and make a brand new paragraph. You can find an image online in 30 seconds. Failing to use formatting when writing text for a website is the ultimate example of laziness. Plus, nobody wants to read a 1,000 word block of information. Ever.

Boring content

Not only is there a wealth of information and endless topics to write about, so much so that you’d never have to talk about the same thing twice, but there are also new ways to discuss old news. Creating boring content only takes a smidgen less time than creating interesting content, but it attracts far fewer readers.

Ignoring your social media accounts

I ask you: why did you pay a social media expert 500 dollars to set up all of your social media accounts if you’re not going to use them? Free tools like HootSuite let you schedule Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ posts for as far in the future as you want. You can have all of your social media platforms accessible through your smartphone. You can even have posts and messages sent directly to your email. Keeping up with your connections on social media is practically fool-proof. So, again: why aren’t you responding to messages or interacting with your fans?

Lying to the Public

If you’ve ever promised that a link leads to something that it does not, you’re kicked off the marketing team. Misleading information is one of the quickest ways to lose the trust of your readers. Don’t ever promise something that you can’t—or won’t—deliver.

Stealing someone else’s work

Copyright infringement is a rookie mistake. Come on. If you didn’t create something, then it isn’t yours to claim. Plus, plagiarism isn’t something that your college professors banned in an effort to get you to think for yourself. It really is illegal and punishable.

Spamming everyone’s email

Something else that’s truly, bonafide illegal? Email spamming. I know it’s hard to believe because of all the spam you yourself have to clear out of your email account every day, but still, it’s really not legal. Plus, it’s annoying and kind of worthless. People don’t even bother opening up spam emails anymore. Why waste your time and turn off consumers in the process?

Christian Boughner is a business marketing consultant who specializes in infographics campaigns. His articles mainly appear on marketing websites. Learn more about the infographics designer chosen by Google and Adidas.

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