An Uncomfortable Marketing Secret

Written by Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller. Posted in Marketing

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In a perfect world, everybody would love your advertising. Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect. Most dealers design advertising campaigns that won't put anybody off. And in doing so, they unintentionally create advertising that is ignored by almost everyone Add a comment

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Marketing to Women in the Dealer World: She Loves Her Mobile Device

Written by Jody Devere. Posted in Marketing

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Diamonds may have been a girl's best friend, but today's women prefer ringtones to rings.

In a recent study, Time, Inc. and Nuance Digital Marketing discovered that women are increasingly attached to their mobile devices. In fact, the study (called “Women + Mobile: The Unbreakable Bond,” found that 60% of women say their smartphone is the most important device they own, and 88% of women say their phones give them something to do during their “empty” time every day Add a comment

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Understanding the Millennial Mindset: Adapt Now for More Sales

Written by Adam Flegge. Posted in Marketing

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The term, “behavioral adaptation,” describes an animal’s adjustment in behavior to survive climate change, food scarcity, or other transitions in its environment. Animals that don’t adapt die. If today’s dealerships don’t adapt their digital marketing behaviors to meet the preferences of the millennial generation, they could also face uncertain fates Add a comment

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