Maximize Your Sale Event ROI by Leveraging your Own Built-In Assets

We dealers are going to run weekend or week-long sale events now and then. Some more “now” and some more “then,” but when a good one comes along, we go for it. We want to block out the competition if we can, get all the exposure and additional traffic and buzz that surrounds the “Event.” We will only do an “Event” with a respectable company that has proven dealer results. But when that is paid for and set up, we the dealer can make a big difference in making the “Event” work for us short term and long term by making sure your staff is doing a few important things, and when you monitor that and measure that, you’ll get twice as much out of it. We’ve seen it time and again with our Hero Week event—what the results are when a dealership embraces the “Event” vs. results when management doesn’t. Here’s the simple formula for success:

Have an “Event” coordinator from your in house staff

If you are that kind of GM, great. If not, and you delegate it, also great. But someone needs to consistently be responsible to have ongoing communication with the “Event” company before, during, and after the “Event”. And communications with your staff throughout.

Staff knowledge, awareness, and involvement

Everyone in the store needs to know about the “Event,” especially the sales managers and sales staff, but everyone else too, at least a week before with the dates and times and all the great stuff that’s going to happen, and what is expected of everyone. This can be done through the department managers, but they have to buy into it. If you do, they will and their staffs will.

Get additional advertising and promotion for free

Now is the time to call in your markers with the newspapers, radio and TV If you’re doing an event that’s good for the community, and more and more events are tending to go that way, then ask your paid media sources to help you by creating some free exposure for what you are doing. Most of the time they will. And don’t forget to use your Facebook account (and Twitter too if you’re ready for that).

‘Event’ prospects during and after the ‘Event’

During: Have your sales staff treat each event visitor with the respect you would an average walk in or appointment. Everybody needs a car or truck, if not now, then within a few months. And don’t just give away your “Event” dinner cards or other prizes without getting name, phone #, e-mail address of each recipient. This is as good a follow up list as you will have all year.

After: Our experience is that all the dealerships that do a thorough measurable follow up by email and phone with all the “Event” prospect/visitors within 7 to 10 days get 50% better overall results and ROI from sale “Events” after 90 days, than those dealers who do not have an organized measurable follow up plan. Go get em!

Bill Magarity is the President/CEO of Two Minute Marketing, LLC., the parent and operator of the Hero Appreciation Week event. To view a short exciting four minute video of the event, elements and results of 125 “Hero” events and dealership results in over 100 different cities go to and give us a call at 866-496-8990.

Bill Magarity


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