More than one rooftop? Here are 3 Multi-Location Strategies to Improve the Performance of Your PPC Campaigns

If you have more than one dealership and they are in multiple locations, there are a few very important strategies that can help to improve your overall performance. While it’s true that each dealership will more than likely have different goals, budgets, and target markets, there are some things that will be consistent in all cases.

1. Use The Same Agency For Each Dealership

If you use an agency to handle your paid search campaigns, you should use the same one for each rooftop. Even if your locations are vastly different in brand, budget and targeting, there are a lot of learnings that can be shared across accounts. Test results, ad copy learnings, and negative keywords can all help to optimize an account for the best performance and by sharing findings between campaigns you will see quicker results. The agency can also learn your business objectives, your technology, your tracking preferences, etc., which can simplify reporting and can save you some headaches.

2. Set Up Each Dealership Location With Its Own Google Adwords Account

It can be tempting to have one paid search account with each rooftop as a different campaign, but I would advise strongly against this. For a successful paid search campaign in the automotive space, you will need a very granular campaign and ad group structure. If you lump all of your rooftops into separate campaigns, you will miss out on opportunities and you will regret the decision in the future. Since Google looks very closely at the account structure when determining your quality score and cost per click, you will want to take the time to setup the account correctly. It may take a little longer, but it will be worth it in the long run.

If you would like to have just one login for all of your locations that will work in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics, there is a simple solution. You can setup a MCC account in Google Adwords and you can link all Adwords and Analytics accounts to that one login. You would still have the option of setting up permissions at the individual account level for General Manager’s at the dealership or for administrative staff, but for those who regularly need to access all accounts, this is the best solution. Ask your agency to set this up for you and they should be happy to oblige. If not, you might want to look for another agency.

3. Include the GM’s In The Conversation

It is important to have regular calls between the paid search team handling each rooftop’s PPC campaign with the General Manager at that location and any other staff that should be involved in the conversation. Even if they are not paid search experts, they have important information to share. Whether it is sales by city or zip code data to modify location targeting, or sharing information on which models should be pushed more than others, it is important to get the communication flowing.

The GM of your dealership will want to know what is being done to help sell more cars and what additional options are available to improve performance.

If you have multiple dealerships in more than one location, be sure to select an agency that has a strong focus in the automotive industry and that can provide strong references to show their success with similar clients. You don’t want to be the guinea pig.

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Michelle Kelly is a Sr. PPC Consultant at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia area advertising agency.

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