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In the spirit of discovery we decided to visit the far north headquarters of in Bellingham, WA near the Canadian border. The company, which occupies the entire top floor of an odd shaped building in downtown Bellingham, is full of desks and a crew of code-writing employees.

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The folks at AutoFerret are in a never-ending quest to improve technology that will keep auto dealers from ever losing an internet lead. The fast-growing popularity of their software, AVA, is a darling of the auto industry. AVA, represented in their advertising by a sexy cyborg, is setting new records for following leads, arranging appointments, and reengaging customers that your salespeople thought were lost for good.

Dealers across the country have been crediting the addition of AVA with increasing the efficiency of their sales teams, increasing their percentage of sold leads, and increasing the number of appointments with potential buyers. In a nutshell, the military grade artificial intelligence in AVA can keep hundreds of email conversations progressing toward the sale of vehicles. The AVA software communicates so effectively that the customers feel they are talking to a person at the dealership.

Pat Hayes, formerly e-commerce director at Marc Heitz Auto Group, is now at Patriot Ford in Purcell, OK. Hayes said, “One of the first changes I made when we arrived at Patriot Ford was adding a product called AVA. I had begun using this product in 2012 at the Chevy dealership and just fell in love with it. She [AVA] is like my assistant and does the job of five internet directors. She is very efficient at working all customer leads. One of the first tasks I put her on was to follow up with any past leads. I am not sure how AVA works, but I can tell everyone this: AVA’s emails get through to the customers and, more importantly, the customers respond back.”

According to Hayes, the AVA software is very helpful. “AVA is amazing and my team gets warm leads from buyers. Bottom line, she has helped us increase sales. For example, at the Chevy store, AVA found us 30 deals in less than 90 days. Those were customers who were considered dead leads. I just love this product,” said Hayes.

The innovative AVA software, developed in Bellingham by CEO Ben Brigham and his crew at AutoFerret, has developed a large following of dealers like Pat Hayes. If you would like more info visit

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