Never Lose Another Repair Order

The good news is that car sales are up in October 2010 compared to last year; the bad news is they are still far below the banner sales of just a few years ago. Hopefully this trend will continue and sales will keep growing, but in the meantime, many dealerships are searching for ways to stay profitable until those sales return. One way that many savvy dealers have found to maintain profitability is to increase their service business.


It makes perfect sense. Consumers may not be buying cars, but they still need transportation and that means keeping their current vehicles running safely and reliably. Dealers have recognized this trend and increased their service marketing to keep vehicles rolling into the service lanes. By and large the marketing has been effective and many dealerships have seen their service profits grow, even as their sales have fallen from the peaks of a few years ago.


One problem that dealers are increasingly encountering is customers who want to repair their vehicles, but don’t have access to the necessary funds. We’ve all seen it before. You present the customer with a repair order and they don’t have the money, or their credit card is over the limit, so they promise to be back in a few months once they’ve saved up. How many of those customers do you ever see again? Not many I’ll bet. How many lucrative repair orders walk off the lot every day, just because the customer doesn’t have the funds available?


When a customer doesn’t have the funds available to pay for a repair order, no amount of persuasion will convince them to have the work done; they simply don’t have the money. And with the economy continuing to limp along, this will no doubt become more of a problem in the future. In the past, there was nothing dealers could do, but watch those dollars walk off the lot. Fortunately, a company called has created a solution.


Their program is actually quite simple and, or something similar, will soon be in every successful dealership service department. There are no credit checks; the only check is to see if the customer has a history of writing bad checks. If they don’t, which is true of 93 percent of consumers, then they qualify.


After the customer has been found to have no history of bad checks, they are qualified for up to 5,000 dollars on the spot! The customer then writes a series of post dated checks, which are converted to ACH or “Hold” checks, which gives them priority over paper checks. These ACH checks are guaranteed by, even in cases of NSF checks and the dealership will receive funds within 72 hours of the maturation of the check. What’s great about this program is that it not only allows your customers to have the repairs done instead of taking the be-back bus and never returning, but it is completely funded by a 12 percent program fee that is charged to the customer and shared with the dealership!


This program is a win-win for both dealer and customer. The dealer is able to save repair orders that would have otherwise walked out the door and the customers are able to have the repairs done and keep their vehicle reliable instead of worrying about whether or not they’ll be able to drive to work in the morning. Why wouldn’t you want to offer your customers this opportunity?


If you would like to hear more about and how it could work in your dealership, contact Mike Conley at 877-741-1886, 206-715-3990, or via email at Chances are that in 72 hours or less you’ll be saving lost revenue in your dealership.





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