New Book: Girls Auto Clinic Glovebox Guide

“This comprehensive DIY guide is indispensable for everyone who owns and maintains an automobile.” —Library Journal

Too many women feel powerless when it comes to their cars. Mechanic-speak sounds like a foreign language,  and the auto repair bill contains a lot of unnecessary or overpriced repairs. How do you tell if you need new brakes? How often are you supposed to change your air filter? What does that light on your dashboard mean?

Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide (Touchstone Trade Paperback Original; September 19, 2017; 978-1-5011-4411-0; $25.00) has all the answers. It’s a one-stop do-it-herself guide to auto maintenance, repairs, and roadside emergencies.

Author Patrice Banks, a self-described “auto-airhead,” was like many of us: she didn’t know the first thing about her car, and was accustomed to ignoring the dashboard lights because she felt so uncomfortable taking her car in.

She sought out a female mechanic and found that, despite making up the majority of car owners and licensed drivers, women account for less than 2% of auto mechanics. So Patrice took her engineering degree and became a certified automotive technician, giving auto-workshops to women and girls all across the Philadelphia area and starting an all-female garage. Now with Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, Patrice will empower all women to take care of their cars.

Patrice Banks understands what it is like to feel like you’re not the one in control of your two-ton machine. Raised by a single mom who had to walk to and from work each day because she couldn’t afford a car, Patrice went on to become the first person in her family to own a new car as well as to graduate college, receiving her degree in engineering. After she got fed up with constantly trading in her car rather than face a mechanic, she decided to take matters into her own hands and became one.

Through her sheCANic workshops and newly opened all-female-operated garage—which includes a hair and nail salon!—Patrice is continuously working to change the auto industry by encouraging women to change the relationship they have with their cars, take away the confusion and mystery surrounding cars by teaching them what they need to know about how their cars work, and what they need to do to keep them running smoothly.

In this easy to follow guide from your best, most trusted girlfriend, Patrice explains the ins and outs of motor vehicles, maintenance, and repair with clear, straightforward, and encouraging instructions.

She reassures readers that it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, because it only takes a basic level of knowledge from someone who talks like you and thinks like you, for anyone to become a confident, responsible car owner.

Don’t know how to lift your hood? No problem, Patrice will show you, and then explain what’s underneath, and include helpful diagrams and illustrations to lead you.

In Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, you’ll find out about:

  • The single most important thing every woman should do with her car
  • The most important person in your car’s life besides you
  • Why you shouldn’t wait till your gas is on ‘empty’ before filling up—Patrice’s secret bad car habit!
  • Common car problems: which are safe to drive with, and which need to be dealt with immediately
  • Under the hood: from how to open and prop up your hood, to what’s safe to touch, to checking fluids.
  • Essentials for your glove compartment besides this handy guide
  • How to find a good mechanic
  • Bye bye baby: When it’s time to give up on your car
  • Why your battery dies if you leave the lights on when the engine’s off
  • How your engine works: the eat, burn, belch cycle
  • Seriously, what does horsepower mean and does it matter?
  • Why oil is just as important to the health of your car as gas

In her trademark red heels, award-winning entrepreneur Patrice Banks, is teaching women and millennials to grab the wheel and finally take control of their cars.

About the Author

Patrice Banks, former engineer and auto airhead, is the founder of Girls Auto Clinic, a workshop that empowers women through their cars. After working for 12 years as an engineer, Banks began leading car care workshops for women. Banks currently runs a full service auto repair shop staffed by female mechanics in Philadelphia.

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