New Survey Shows that Auto Dealerships Value Safety and Service

A new survey by KPA reports a strong correlation between the substantial increase in dealerships signing-up for safety compliance services, and dealership’s satisfaction with service level.


Lafayette, CO (August 17, 2011) KPA reports adding 340 new clients in the first half of 2011. The strongest growth is in environmental and safety compliance services for auto dealerships. This follows a company-wide focus on exceeding client expectations.


OSHA citations and workers’ compensation costs are increasing for dealerships. Additionally, the average dealership spends $2.39 million annually on employee salaries. To mitigate the financial squeeze, dealerships across the country are turning to KPA’s environmental and safety compliance programs. These programs are designed to reduce workers’ compensation rates, improve worker safety, and reduce the risk of regulatory fines.


“It comes down to return on investment for a dealership to spend less than six hundred dollars a month for a thorough environmental and safety compliance service that takes care of the whole dealership.” explains Vane Clayton, CEO of KPA, “That’s what we do, and our secret to success is that we focus on exceeding client expectations. It’s easy to understand why so many dealerships turn to KPA – it pays off for them.”


KPA introduced the Net Promoter Score (NPS) last year to measure client satisfaction. NPS is a survey that asks clients if they would recommend KPA to a friend or colleague. Research shows that across all industries, and especially in the service sector, firms with the best NPS demonstrate superior growth relative to their competitors. The results are in, and in the first half of 2011, clients gave KPA an impressive 82 percent Net Promoter Score. Compare this to the industry standard for B2B companies, which is between 20 percent and 25 percent.


Additionally, the survey reveals that “51 percent of the 1168 clients polled over the last year answered that KPA’s biggest differentiator is the service and expertise delivered by our safety engineers,” explains Bill Duclos, VP of Operations at KPA, “This emphasizes the importance of strong service and trust that our clients enjoy.”


About KPA


KPA helps businesses reduce losses, attain compliance with state and federal law; reduce the risk of accidents, fines, civil actions, and litigations while saving costs. Over 3,500 clients trust KPA to provide the right combination of training, software, and expert advice. Endorsed by 24 national and state trade associations, KPA is the only provider of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Human Resource (HR) services and software designed for the specific requirements of dealerships, manufacturers, and automotive services companies.


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