New Virtual Sales Training Course on Goal Setting from Joe VerdeNew Virtual Sales Training Course on Goal Setting from Joe Verde

Orange County, CA. – January 11, 2011 –Subscribers to JVTN®, Joe Verde’s virtual sales training network for the automotive industry, now have access to a brand-new course for managers and salespeople on developing professional goal setting skills.

The new online course, “How Goal Setting Can Help Increase Your Sales & Income” is part of the JVTN® Mini-Series Collection and features six exciting and easy-to-follow chapters. It addresses the fundamental questions salespeople have regarding goal setting, such as “How can I earn more money?”


Mr. Verde said his virtual course corrects many of the misunderstandings salespeople have regarding goal setting, such as what constitutes an achievable goal.


“Is it realistic that your salesperson who sells 7 units per month will sell 25 two months from now, just because it’s his goal? Probably not,” Mr. Verde said. “But could this same salesperson set a realistic goal to average 10 in the next 90 days – develop a plan, learn what he needs to know, and make it happen? Of course. Could he still improve after he averages 10? Of course again. Growth is a 4-step process:  set clear goals, write a specific plan, get the education you need to pull it off and go to work to work.  Every salesperson can grow, then stabilize at that new level, and then grow again.”


The new goal setting course is the latest addition to the JVTN® Mini-Series Collection, which consists of courses designed to help salespeople sell more units immediately. In addition to the new goal setting course, the Mini-Series Collection courses are:  What’s Different About Today’s Buyer?, Power Closes To Win More Negotiations, Sell To The ‘Easy To Close’ Prospects, The Definition of Closing and How Can I Set Better Goals And Manage My Selling Day?

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Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., founded in 1985 with corporate offices in Southern California and Dallas, Texas, is consistently rated the number one automotive sales and management training company in North America with its focus on leadership, management and sales training for dealerships, dealer groups and manufacturers.


Joe Verde holds workshops across North America and pioneered Virtual Training with JVTN®. Mr. Verde is the author of “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth”, “How To Sell A Car And Close The Sale Today” and publishes two monthly newsletters; “For All Managers In Sales” and “Selling Cars Today”.





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