New YouTube Rules—What Your Dealership Needs to Know

If you publish videos on YouTube you need to be aware of a change from Google and YouTube that affects who can view, share, or edit your videos. This change affects any video originally posted to YouTube including any links or embedding content provided from YouTube to your website or social media sites.

Google just recently announced the introduction of Creative Commons licenses for YouTube. Under the new rules, individual users must decide, at the time they upload a video, whether to publish their content under the new CC license. If they do so, the video then becomes accessible to every YouTube user for use in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor. The new feature will give users a large selection of video clips from all types of subject areas. Adding Creative Commons tags will also help YouTube on the copyright front by clearly distinguishing what clips users can use freely and what they cannot.

Users who want to check out the Creative Commons selection right now can go to and select the CC tab.

Should your dealership use the Creative Commons option?

Creative Commons licenses provide a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work. By marking your original video with a Creative Commons license, you are granting the entire YouTube community the right to reuse and edit that video. You retain your copyright and other users get to reuse your work subject to the terms of the license. Remember, you may only mark your uploaded video with a Creative Commons license if it consists entirely of content made and licensable by you under the CC-BY license.

Unless you have a specific reason to not want your content to be shared or reused, it is our view that you should choose “yes” to the Creative Commons license option. Choosing the ‘standard license’ now means you are not granting permission for your work to be shared or reused.

How to mark your video as Creative Commons

1.       Click the radio button next to "Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)" while uploading, or

2.       Go to My Videos, select edit next to the video you wish to include in Creative Commons. Scroll down until you reach License under Broadcasting and Sharing Options. Click the radio button next to "Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed)".

Want to know more?

For more information on the CC-BY license and a summary of the full Legal Code with the full license accessible at the bottom of the page—please visit


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