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Social Media—Where to Begin?!

Mike DeCecco

Ah yes…Facebook and Twitter. There are so many articles, strategies, and concepts being thrown around our space about how to leverage these new technologies. Weeding out what will work for your dealership is quite a challenge. Here is what I would do if I was brought into a dealership or dealer group as an internet director and was tasked with getting a social media strategy off the ground. Step One: Set expectations for the stakeholders involved. If the dealer principal, or general manager, thinks that setting up a Facebook page is the new way to get metal over the curb quickly, they are sorely mistaken. Social media is not a quick fix for an ailing sales department. A social media strategy is just that…social. It’s like going to a party. When you attend a party, you don’t relentlessly try and sell your products to partygoers. If you did, they wouldn’t like you very much and you’d never be invited back...


Advertise here Parts for Profit Part Five

Larry Williams

You now have your 1500 part numbers arranged in bins close to your counters, in easy to remember locations, correct quantities, and are ready to make some money. No, not yet. You’ve only done the easy part. After inventory-investment control, productivity is the next issue. Productivity is limited by time. Wasted time cannot be reclaimed. Every decision, every procedure, every plan should be based on time. Training your people will be the hardest, longest, and most frustrating part of your job. No one wants change in their life, especially not at work. Some are actually frozen in their patterns. Your ideas will be met with resistance of all kinds. You must not quit. You must be the unstoppable, irresistible force. Here are some guidelines to help you.
Write it down.
Verbal instructions are almost useless. We use our eyes first, our ears second, our memories last. When you write down your policies and procedures, you create a lasting effect, one that cannot be forgotten...


The Next Leap in Internet Marketing—Video Email

Scott Tanner

The internet has become the number one tool for consumers to research and purchase items in today's world. When a consumer can see a product with the sales professional demonstrating the item in real time, two things happen: believability and trust. When you have those two components, the chances of selling a product increases drastically and the opportunity to hold more revenue also increases. In most cases by double! In real world tests, the results have been amazing. In one new Honda store, for example, video email resulted in 100% communication with the customer after their inquiry, and, of those customers 90% actually came to the place of business and 80% purchased a vehicle. All the result of having that personal touch while interacting with the customer. After this dealership started using video in their emails, some of the salespeople were surprised when people they had never seen before were waving at them as they pulled in the lot. The salespeople soon realized that these were the customers who had watched their video emails. This may have been their first trip to the dealership, but because of the video connection they made ...


Salespeople- Do You Really Know What They're Saying?

Mark Hicks

Back in the 50's and early 60's , some dealerships came up with a great idea. The idea was that they would have an advantage over the customer if they could listen in on their private conversations, so they installed intercom systems in the closing booths. They would leave them switched on and while the salesperson was checking with the sales manager to see if the dealership would throw in 4 new tires, the sales manager could hear the husband say to his wife, I m tired of all this. Whether they include the tires or not, I m buying this truck. Of course, the salesperson would be instructed to tell the customer, I m sorry, but I couldn't get my manager to throw in the tires, but you have to agree you re buying a great truck, as the salesperson shook the customers hand. While this practice was found to be illegal, dealers were missing the point behind the idea. They should have been listening to what their salespeople were saying and using the intercom to help improve their sales and customer relations skills...


Dog-gone Good Deals!

Jan Kelly

IThe dog days of summer will soon arrive to drive your customers to vacation destinations at the beach, on the mountains, in the homes of family and friends-everywhere except to the dealership to buy a vehicle! Dont let the tumbleweeds be the only thing drifting through your lot this summer. Before your customers get too scarce, rev up your follow-up. People who use their vehicles to travel need maintenance agreements. Families who plan to keep their vehicles a few more years need to keep them running well. Whether its to travel long distance or just go the distance, customers are sure to value the peace of mind that comes with a quality vehicle service agreement you follow-up to provide. While the f word can make more than a few of us faint-hearted, remember that you will follow-up with friends, not strangers: Friends who chose to do business with you and your dealership- friends who saw value in your product and used hard-earned dollars to make a major purchase- friends who now need you to give them an opportunity to protect their investments... READ MORE...


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