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March 3, 2011Click Here to Subscribe to This Newsletter
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How to Drive the Next Social Media Fad into Your Dealership Lot   

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Rebekah King

Reading this title, you may wonder what I am talking about. After all, social media really began in 2003 with Friendster (which eventually gave birth to MySpace and Facebook), and was not a mainstream platform for business use until early 2009. Having been involved in this nebulous world since the beginning, I can tell you how easy it is to waste time and money monkeying around on social media sites. These days the question I get asked the most is “what’s next?” What is the next ‘Facebook’ or the next ‘Twitter?’ The answer? Location-based social media experiences, or geo-tagging. 

Geo-tagging is fast becoming the core of all social media tools. Remember GPS? With geo-tagging your actions are linked to your GPS location at the time of the action. Today, let us stay focused on a few simple things you can do to position yourself to ride the next wave of social media (without sucking up 20 hours a week of your valuable time)...


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Working With Family Members—It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business article two image

Rhonda R. Savage

If you’ve ever been in business with a family member, you know there are several advantages, but even the most dedicated, hard working family member can experience or create tension, stress, and conflict in the company. Can you really separate your family history, emotions, and knowledge you have of a person at a deeper level and also have a great working relationship? 

Families have successfully worked together, but there are reasons why it’s worked. What are the qualities that facilitate successful family working relationships? What are the common issues in practices that exist within companies that employ family? If you are in business with or thinking about working with family members, being aware of the following issues can prevent them from becoming problems in your business. 

Loyalty leading to micromanagement 

Often, family members are more dedicated to the success of their business than other staff members...


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How To Ensure A Top Performing Special Finance Department article three image

Tamara Seymour

Is your dealership kicking around the idea of ramping up your special finance business? Has all the buzz about opportunities in the subprime or non-prime segment got you curious? If you’re not at least exploring the possibilities of special finance at your dealership, then you may be punting potential profits into the hands of the competition. 

Whether you’re already dabbling in subprime sales and want to improve your efforts, or you’re looking for help entering this lucrative, yet sometimes risky business, the information that follows just might help you make some key decisions. 

A quick look at the trends 

A lot of dealers believe that success in subprime sales is a thing of the past. Others contend that special finance is simply not for them-they don’t want their good reputation tarnished, or they think that the risks are more than they can bear. But here are a few facts that may change your outlook...



Customer Relationship Management—Is There A Future For CRM?

Jim Leman article four image

Teach a man to fish and he might never pick up a fishing pole again. 

Twisted Biblical references aside, this is the sad reality of CRM technology use in too many dealerships. CRM vendors say the biggest obstacle to some dealer’s long term and continuing success with CRM investments is their neglect of this investment. Vendors cite the following reasons:

Owner or dealer principal’s failure to establish goals or objectives for a CRM system investment 

Dealer principal failure to champion the system and enforce its use every time, every day 

Staff reluctance to use the tool 

CRM implementations fail specifically, because they do not start with specific objectives, says Al Babbington, CEO of OneCommand. He cautions dealers not to perceive such a comment as scolding but as an observation. Generating value from a CRM investment is a team endeavor-matching the right CRM solutions with the dealer’s goals and business processes...


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