The Next Up Ends 2014 with 400 Rooftops and Counting

Introducing mobile, geo-fencing and operating in the cloud, The Next Up is planning an even greater push in 2015.

ANAHEIM, Ca. – (December 15, 2014) – The Next Up, a retail sales process (RSP) proven to improve dealership sales, has confirmed the value of closed sales floors and surpassed even their own projections with 400 rooftops using their cloud based/mobile platform to close out 2014.

The company is turning skeptics into raving fans with its continuing advocacy of giving consumers the ultimate guest experience by closing the sales floor, implementing a round-robin approach to dealership opportunities and ultimately selling more vehicles by managing the proper steps to sale.

One of those fans, Garth Blumenthal, General Manager of the Newport store for Fletcher Jones Motors says, “A very important part of our customer-centric approach is The Next Up software, which helps us manage the activities of the product specialists and salespeople closely. At all times, our salespersons are on a three-person 45 minute power rotation. If they haven’t had an opportunity in a 45 minute period, they then begin working the phones.”

Together with The Next Up, Blumenthal has developed his Newport location into the #1 store in the market for Mercedes Benz. The Next Up helps dealerships manage sales activity to increase CRM input, appointments, test drives, and sales. The solution enables a consistent approach to greeting a guest, taking them through the proper steps to sale, and follow ups. The round-robin system eliminates “cherry picking” and ensures sales staff is available to greet customers when needed and to be productive answering email leads and setting up future appointments when not.

“It’s an exciting time in the industry because people are beginning to take notice of the guest experience and experiment with different ways to really wow the customer,” said Clint Burns, CEO of The Next Up. “The Next Up creates a powerful way to ensure every step to sale is taken so each sales associate has the best chance of making the sale.”

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About The Next Up:

The Next Up is a Retail Sales Process (RSP) that has proven to make sales teams more effective and increase test drives, write-ups and sales. By combining a closed floor selling system and easy-to-use technology, General Managers and Sales Managers are able to queue up sales leads in the door and level the playing field for their sales staff. The result is more time spent with each lead, increased test drives and higher sales numbers overall. For more information on The Next Up, please visit

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