Oh-Oh…Is Facebook Useless for Marketing Your Dealership?

Now before the army of social-marketing soldiers attack me like monkeys on a cupcake (I always loved that saying), I am just passing on information from an article written by Omar Akhtar, Senior Editor at The Hub

. According to his article, a social media platform, Simply Measured, compared ten top brand Facebook pages, year-to-year, and the engagement rates are dropping fast.

With the exception of Harley-Davidson, the decreases for all brands are scary. How excited about Facebook would you be if you were Disney? You can read the full article here.

As author Akhtar notes in the article, Facebook has been warning everyone about the decline in organic search. Akhtar says the message here is that you have got to pay to play. In other words, buy Facebook ads if you want engagement with customers. This may force a change to paid Facebook ads at most dealerships.


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Brett Stevenson


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