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OneCommand Announces New Solution for Auto Dealers to Reach Untapped Potential New Buyers

Mason, OH – November 15, 2012 – OneCommand (, the leading marketing automation platform for auto dealers, announces the launch of its new solution that allows dealers to reach potential new car buyers. The new OneCommand product, DriveWay EnvyTM, will use targeted marketing, database analytics, and social influence to increase prospect response.

DriveWay EnvyTM is OneCommand’s proprietary approach for targeting new car buyers. This revolutionary solution taps into consumer’s natural purchasing behavior by leveraging “social influence”. The solution utilizes targeted direct mail and mobile technologies to deliver a strategic message to qualified prospects.

The DriveWay EnvyTM solution delivers a professional mail piece to each qualified prospect that is customized to provide relevant and personalized information. The piece provides the dealership a channel to collect consumer information, as well as enticing offers to engage the consumer quickly, and provide the dealer with a qualified stream of prospects.

OneCommand’s core delivery product is the Customer Marketing & Loyalty Automation PlatformTM and is comprised of five components: Voice, Email, Text, Direct Mail and Social Content. Further expertise is applied through the use of its proprietary AutoIntelligenceTM. AutoIntelligenceTM is the methodology of OneCommand’s proven data management and best practices, which give dealerships an edge.

“DriveWay EnvyTM is the next step in providing a targeted Direct Mail solution that surpasses our competitors and is optimized to deliver each dealer real results,” states Jeff Hart, President and CEO at OneCommand. He continues, “OneCommand is committed to delivering solutions that are the future of one-to-one direct marketing, ultimately delivering data driven media solutions that help our dealers better communicate with their customers.”

The future of auto marketing is the delivery of personalized messaging based on the consumer’s needs. OneCommand believes that DriveWay EnvyTM is the future of targeted Direct Mail. With limited marketing budgets, auto dealers need to reach interested, qualified prospects with lifestyle specific, personalized messaging. DriveWay EnvyTM is designed to cater to this need and deliver results.

About OneCommand:

OneCommand is the leading provider of marketing automation which is designed to drive customer loyalty in the auto industry. For over a decade, OneCommand’s proven platform of voice, email, mobile/text, direct mail and social communications have been delivering results that are targeted, turnkey, and trigger-based. Every day, OneCommand sends over 1,000,000 personalized messages on behalf of over 4,000 clients throughout North America. For additional information email Aileen Crass at

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