Online Marketing Is More Effective with “Trigger Media”

Marketing an auto dealership gets a little harder and more complex every day. To win, you have to keep up on the latest marketing technology, online advertising, search engine marketing, pay-per-click, email marketing, retargeting, internet leads, chat, and on and on. It’s exhausting. Online media companies are saying, “Spend more money online!” Traditional media companies (TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail) are saying, “Don’t cut your normal advertising, you’ll die!” Which is right? In some ways, both are right, but that doesn’t help you. You can’t just keep increasing your spend, but you do need it to work.

What if we look at it this way? We know that when a person is shopping for a vehicle in 2013, they are going to do part of their research online. We also know there are a gazillion websites trying to vie for the vehicle shopper. You can make noise online with all the online tools like SEO, pay-per-click, your website, etc., but so will all your competitors.

So how do you make a bigger splash in your own home market than all the others online in your home market? The answer is “trigger media.” What’s that? It’s any kind of media that triggers a whole bunch of shoppers to go looking online. For example, television is a trigger media. When you run TV commercials, a large volume of viewers see your message, which triggers them to go online and visit your site, or search the vehicle you featured in the commercial. In a large market, that can be thousands of people suddenly online to find out more about you, or the vehicle you featured.

If you are doing online marketing right now, and so is your competitor, you will both attract shoppers. But if you are also running a schedule of television commercials, they will trigger a huge number of additional shoppers online. If your commercials feature great running footage of the car, and a great price, and your dealership’s web address, that’s where those viewers are going to go to find out more.

In a nutshell, trigger media makes online marketing more effective by driving more shoppers online to your website. Next time you are doing online marketing, ask yourself, “What is my trigger to make this marketing more effective?” If you do make trigger media a part of your campaign, make sure your commercial’s message is present when the shopper arrives at your website. If you are having an SUV sale in your television commercial, make sure there is mention of the SUV sale when the shopper arrives at your website. If you tell them there is a circus, there better be tents and elephants when they get there.

Brett Stevenson


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