Opportunity Management Through Your DMS

The use of technology has changed due to the economy’s effect on dealerships. Dealerships have been notoriously “lax” on their processes when times are good. They tend to ignore the features and benefits of the business systems that they already have in place or systems that are currently available to them. When the economy takes a turn for the worse, that’s when dealerships rediscover technology functions that better manage opportunities to improve their bottom line. This rediscovery also means that dealerships have higher expectations and demands on those business systems. When using a dealership management software (DMS) package, customers need ease of use and immediate access to the results of day-to-day operations. This will enable customers to make “quick and correct” determinations of success strategies and concern.


All dealerships are trying to do a better job of opportunity management using the technology available. Opportunity management is the ability to quickly and effectively determine success and failure. Emulate the success and eliminate the failures. Creating additional opportunities is important but not as important as “how” you manage all opportunities. A dealership needs to incorporate a proper process with functional tools for success. The best means to accomplish this is a comprehensive Dealer Management System. A DMS must be able to meet a dealership’s needs for all departments. A comprehensive package would be a complete, inclusive system that manages lead sources, prospects, customers, sales, parts, service, and accounting. It also must have the ability to access and customize reporting quickly and accurately to analyze activity in all departments of a dealership. This will maximize every opportunity.


With this economy you must squeeze out every ounce of opportunity from every source possible. A comprehensive DMS along with consistent processes are the only way this can be accomplished. You can’t change it if you can’t measure it. You can’t measure it if you only get partial information or the needed data is not easy to extract. Since time is money, a dealership management system better save you time and not create additional headaches. Opportunities are everywhere managing those opportunities and increased expectations of dealerships are the challenges that all DMS providers face. Take a good look at your software package and assess the opportunities that it produces, all to increase your bottom line.


Steve Law has been in the auto industry for 15 years. He is the National Sales Manager for Dubuque Data Services (DDS), a Dealer Management Software provider. DDS has been in business for 38 years providing a complete, comprehensive, and cost effective DMS. Contact Steve for additional information about Dubuque Data Services at slaw@ddslive.com or 1-800-382-3733 ext. 226.





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