Part One: How to Create Automotive Advertising that Sells

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Our marketing has been responsible for selling over two million cars, and every two minutes a car is sold using our Gravitational Marketing campaigns and strategies. We’ve tested the results of our Gravitational Marketing formula with excruciating exactness. Here are a couple of things we’ve discovered:

1. Take a position

In order for your advertising to be effective and sell the number of cars you want it to sell, you must first ask yourself this very important question: Since the customer has a thousand other options, why in the world should they choose you?

Is it because you specialize in getting people approved who can’t get approved anywhere else? Maybe you are a fun and family oriented place to buy a car or you give more in trade value than any other dealer. Maybe you’re more ethical or you cater to women. Should it be because you specialize in trucks or fuel-efficient cars?

Your results depend less on what we would write in your commercial, and more on how your dealership is positioned in the minds of your prospects. Price, service, and longevity don’t count and don’t sell. You must choose a GPS–Gravitational Positional Statement.

A GPS is a statement that gives your marketing direction and your customers a road map to find you. Your GPS needs to be decided before any advertising is created or placed. It may take research. The answer may be buried in your customers—find it.

2. Big hooks

The second most important decision is this: What can you promise a customer that will make him drop everything and come to your store? We’re not talking about a slogan or a catchy phrase or a theme.

A hook is a big promise that delivers an overwhelming benefit and an irresistible offer to the prospect. This benefit should be unique to you and it should be aggressive. And you must be able to deliver on what you promise.

Most advertising offers no substance or meat you can sink your teeth into. It’s stale. Makes no promises and offers no big reasons why the customers should do business with you. Same old lame marketing doesn’t sell. It stinks.

Without a hook you catch no fish.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller are the founders of Rich Dealers—A Complete Marketing, Management & Productivity System For Creating A Rich Life & An Amazing Business. Vee and Miller are the authors of Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers and their new, controversial book Invasion Of The Profit Snatchers. Request your FREE copy at Use coupon code DMM1302.

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