Part Three: How to Create Automotive Advertising that Sells

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Our marketing has been responsible for selling over two million cars and every two minutes a car is sold using our Gravitational Marketing® campaigns and strategies. We’ve tested the results of our Gravitational Marketing® formula with excruciating exactness. Here are a few more things we’ve discovered:

They snooze, you lose—The biggest crime ever committed by an advertising man was creating boring advertising. It ought to be outlawed. Unfortunately it’s done every day. Bad car advertising is basically an epidemic in the world. Most car ads are impersonal, lifeless monsters.

Good advertising exudes personality, confidence and charm. It affects people at their emotional core. Make your marketing exciting, compelling and fresh by matching the internal dialogue your customers are having.

Same is lame—Earl Nightingale said, “The majority is always wrong.” If you want to get better than mediocre results you have to do something completely different than normal. This is also true for your advertising. Breaking new ground with your advertising is not a bad thing. Scary…maybe…but also exciting. The potential for return is big.

Warning: always test small first, then expand.

Who’s your agency—There are a lot of so-called experts, marketing people and agencies out there. Many are former car salesmen, managers or media salespeople. These are not marketing people. They’re sales people.

Advertising is a science and an art. It requires a complex mind—a dedicated student. It takes years of study, testing and failing. It requires an understanding of human psychology, persuasion, salesmanship, and copywriting. You must also know the car business.

A good automotive adman understands the psyche of the car buyer. This type of person is required to make automotive advertising work. Success comes from a passion and commitment to the craft. There are very few agencies on the planet with owners who possess these qualifications.

Don’t sell vehicles—Selling vehicles in your advertising is a bad idea. Cars are commodities. Every dealership has the same vehicles, with similar options and prices. Marketing vehicles causes price shopping, haggling and terrible grosses. You must advertise something other than the vehicle.

Sell the deal and the dealership. Stop selling commodities. Start selling solutions.

Accelerate the market—Less than eight percent of your market is looking to buy a car today. A small percentage that gets diced up and dealt to every dealer in town. Success manifests from moving non-intenders into the buyers circle today. You create your own instant pool of prospects.

Clarity—Most advertising campaigns lack clarity. They have more than one call to action. They are put under extreme pressure to perform far too many duties. The result is poor performance in all areas.

Favorable returns are only achieved when a single, clearly defined, basic promise is made with repetition and frequency.

Want more?

This information comes from the results of tests conducted in the automotive market and in several other industry types. Next month, we’ll share even more of what we’ve learned over the years.

These findings are what we call broad stroke standard conventions that we follow when we create advertising for clients. Is this everything, not even close. Certain situations call for certain tweaks in thinking and execution.

We have separate and specialized findings based on market size, number of locations, media mix and others. But, this special information is classified top secret and is revealed only to clients of Gravitational Marketing®.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller are the founders of Rich Dealers®, and the nation’s leading experts on attracting customers and the authors of Gravitational Marketing®. To get our latest eBook, 4 Ways To Bring Your Dealership Back To Life, go to or call us for a free Strategy Session at 888-243-1707.

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