Pay-Per-Click, TV, Radio, and Print—Together At Last!

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an effective advertising method all on its own; people search for certain keywords on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and then click on an ad that relates to what they were searching for. It is straightforward and effectively brings qualified leads to your website. As much as I love talking about PPC, however, I know that it is not the only advertising medium out there. Television, radio, and print advertising all work to drive traffic to a dealership through different mediums, but PPC advertising can help them all work together. Below are some ways you can strengthen your advertising strategy by linking your PPC, television, radio, and print campaigns.

Use the same tactics with all your advertising
While it’s true that your TV ads will differ from your PPC ads, the overall tone of all of the ads should still represent your dealership the same way. Don’t be goofy in your TV ads and then suddenly be serious online. If you have a recurring tagline that you use in your radio ads, be sure to incorporate that into your PPC ads. Brand awareness is important when it comes to making the customer comfortable with your dealership. Sending mixed messages across different media causes confusion. Consistency in tone and attitude will help people flow smoothly from each media outlet to your dealership.
If you want your advertising to flow seamlessly, you need to iron out any wrinkles that might impede a potential client from arriving at your dealership. There needs to be someone at your company or advertising agency that diligently checks to make sure the ads on TV, radio, print, and PPC all stay current and accurate. If your TV, radio, and print ads all mention your next huge sale, but your PPC ads don’t, that’s a major leak which you need to plug fast. Even if someone is not searching for your dealership directly, if they spot your PPC ad showcasing the huge sale they’ve been hearing about on TV for the past two weeks, the brand awareness could inspire them to click on your ad instead of your competitor’s.
The important thing to remember is that there is no single choice for where to focus your advertising strategy. People who spend most of their attention and resources on TV and newspaper are missing out on a huge portion of legitimate car buyers on the internet. If you are marketing through various media outlets but are not consistent with the message and tone of your ads, then the campaign may be losing some serious selling power. Regardless of what you do, marketing and advertising shouldn’t be about picking which medium works the best—it should be about how to capture the greatest number of leads, using the smartest strategy possible across multiple media platforms, and then presenting a consistent message throughout all your marketing.
Tom Knoop is director of search engine marketing for Stevenson Advertising. If you need help starting your own pay-per-click campaigns, feel free to contact him at 800-643-8584 or email




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