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Based on industry demand for a handbook to help dealers maximize their digital sales, PCG has documented its winning processes for helping dealers increase sales in a new book that is just coming to market.

Today sales leads arrive at the dealership from many sources: phone calls, dealer website forms, chat sessions, third party websites, equity mining our customer database, credit applications, service drive, and of course classified advertising partners like Autotrader.com, Cars.com, Edmunds.com, and KBB.com. Despite all of these effective sales channels, the majority of consumers will walk into the dealership without a prior contact.

PCG’s objective for this book is to help dealers sell more cars with the opportunities that they already have. This book will outline the processes that dealers can implement to improve conversion and how to evaluate the performance of their sales team.

This book focuses on many aspects of handling opportunities for sales. Here is just a sampling of what dealers will find in this book:

  • Create the Proper Foundation to Sell More Cars.

  • Setting Objectives

  • Creating an Initial Benchmark for your Dealership

  • Examining the different ways Opportunities are Generated

  • Understanding Internet Leads

  • Understanding How Your Customers Communicate

  • Building Proper Workflows

  • Creating Daily Work Plans for their Team Members

  • Creating Impactful Email Templates

  • Best Practices for Phone Scripts

  • Best Practices in Chat

  • Key Elements of Successful Internet Departments

And much more for dealers to use in it’s over 140 pages.

Once we define the processes and workflows that deliver improved conversion and sales, we tie it all together by demonstrating how to train your team members to execute on these processes using our own 8 step coaching process.

We close out the book with examples of how to implement any strategy using the information dealers have learned as well as case studies showing results from PCGs efforts with our own clients.

From the initial feedback of our clients, many have said this is long overdue. As one industry veteran said, “Where was this four years ago? No one has ever taken the time to do this for dealers. Can’t wait to recommend it.”

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Michael Bowen


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