PPC & SEO: How They Work Together to Maximize Results

With the ongoing battle to beat the competition and climb to the top of Google’s first page, a common question we hear is: “Which is more important for my dealership, PPC or SEO?”

To answer this question, it’s important to understand PPC and SEO have two very different functions within search engines. With that said, it’s no longer about one or the other; it’s about SEO and PPC working cohesively towards a common goal: getting your dealership found by more prospects.

SEO and PPC: Working Better Together

Like most businesses, you’re probably not working with an unlimited marketing budget, which is the reason most dealership owners think it’s in their best interest to invest in either in PPC or SEO. What many fail to realize is that by devoting a budget to both programs early on, you’re not only building your long-term SEO foundation, you’re also able to reap the immediate benefits generated from your PPC efforts.

Here are the top two benefits of creating a cohesive PPC/SEO search strategy for your dealership:

1. All Eyes On You

The only thing better than being on page one of Google for your relevant keywords is taking up more “screen estate” on page one than your competitors.

For example, if a prospect is using a search engine when looking to purchase his or her next vehicle and your dealership appears within both the paid ads and organic search, these results ultimately establish your dealership as a highly-qualified resource, as well as drive more impressions and potentially more clicks to your website.

2. Deep Data Insight

A major benefit of PPC is being able to quickly collect a ton of data and insights into your audience that you normally would not receive from SEO alone.

The Good Old Days

In 2013, Google increased the privacy of their users’ search queries. Ever since then, SEO analytics data has dropped off from the keyword level; most of the keyword data provided is simply dumped into the ‘not provided’ category. This means less and less insight into your popular keywords, making it more difficult to create a sound SEO content strategy. Thankfully, with a cohesive PPC/SEO digital marketing strategy, there are some ways around this.

One way automotive dealerships can recapture some of this lost data is through an AdWords campaign (PPC campaign)—while we can’t get full insight into keyword data for organic searches, those who are willing to utilize Google’s AdWords program can get full access.

What does this mean for your dealership? Essentially, all keyword and search query data for your PPC traffic is readily available at a moment’s notice—giving you the ammunition to dramatically refine and improve your SEO strategy.

In summary, utilizing both SEO and PPC together can be greater than the sum of its parts if done correctly; and PPC and SEO marketers working together on your overall search engine strategy can give your dealership the long-term and short-term benefit of getting you found by more quality prospects.

Brock Clauser is the Director of Paid Search for Stream Companies, a full service integrated advertising agency.

Brock Clauser


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