Premium Giveaways—an Outstanding and Inexpensive Way to Drum up Business


Trying to get the name of your business, or you if you are your business, in front of the public is never easy. You’ve probably tried everything from the Yellow Pages to FaceBook and the more you try the more options you find. The trouble is it is very hard to see results, true results. True results are people coming to see you because they saw your advertisement.

One of the simplest ways to place your name out there and see real results is through the premium give away. You circulate something with your business name, address, phone and website, and put it into the hands of potential customers. It could be refrigerator magnets, LED mini flashlights or mini pocket knife key chains.

You have a website certainly and you have business cards. Maybe you hand out flyers and you do direct mail offering coupons. The business cards and the website are items you absolutely must provide for your customers. Direct mail, coupons and flyers are usually minimal at best when it comes to returns.

One company president in the coupon and flyer business once told me “the best way to make money using these methods is to take the $10 you have in your left pocket and place it in your right pocket. They are mostly worthless but people insist on buying these forms of advertising.”

One of the most efficient and cost effective means of getting your name in front of people is the purchase of ink pens. There are several companies who provide cost effective and quality pens for pennies and they don’t charge very much to place four or five lines of information on the pen.

For instance National Pen Company offers American Flag Pens. They are red, white and blue with stars resembling Old Glory. No one in his right mind would refuse Old Glory. We found these pens to be an extraordinary economical and effective means of advertising to the point we gave between 10,000 and 15,000 of these pens away each year.

With these type pens you can have a line for your store name, address, city/state, phone, website and slogan plus a logo for a single set up charge which is usually very inexpensive. These companies, due to the competition, are always offering deals and you can purchase them at times for as little as 17-cents each depending on the pen.

We recommend the cheapest form of pen but one with a clicker not a removable clip. You will spend a little more but below we will tell you why it is important to get the click pen. Depending on your budget we suggest starting with 1000 pens. Normally firms will offer something to the effect of buy 500 get 500 free. If this is the case order 1000 and take the extra 1000. Shipping is often cheap enough.

If you have a retail store use them in your daily work and make sure every customer who comes in leaves with one as a gift, every time they come. Carry boxes of them in your car. When you go to the US Post Office hand a stack to the clerks behind the counter. They will love them and use them.

Hit the local restaurants and give a dozen to every waitress. Here is why you want those click pens. Waitresses use click pens because they are easier than taking the clip off and replacing it constantly. They won’t use the removable clip pens. The great thing about waitresses is they will lose them to customers daily. This is good for you. The more pens you get into people’s hands the more you increase the chances of them finding you. They too will pass them on.

Leave some at your bank on the writing stand where people stand in line. Leave them at newspaper and magazine kiosk, give them out to anyone who will take them. Drop off stacks wherever a business uses pens. People will find you because even in this Internet world where we swipe almost everything through some electronic device, people still use pens.

You’ll get a good feeling when someone walks in your door and says I found you when I picked up your pen at the post office. They really do work.

Gregg Rusley currently works for as a digital content developer. His area of specialization includes finding creative ways to meet marketing or recognition goals with personalized merchandise.

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