President of National Marketing Firm Offers Public Apology

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Direct mail has been a staple of auto dealership marketing for years, but unfortunately many direct marketing firms have not taken advantage of the growth via the internet and new technologies. So we here at Traffic Jam Events&™ would like to apologize to all the other firms that have been left behind as we move light years ahead of our competition by uniting direct mail with state of the art technology.

The first step of our system is to make direct mail a truly interactive media platform. Unlike ordinary mail that simply states the dealership’s name, website, and phone number, our direct mail includes Personalized URLs (PURLs), toll-free numbers, and individualized embossed credit cards that lend credibility to the offer. To achieve this, we use mail merging with variable-data matching via IBM Laser Digital Printing. This personal touch in our message greatly increases the response rate. However, there is more to our technology than just PURLs and toll-free numbers.

By integrating advanced technology with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), we caninitially interact with prospective customers via the telephone, before connecting them to a “live” call-center representative. When the individual calls in, their phone number is automatically caller ID’ed and captured. All of this information is saved to a high-tech lead management system that not only shows you a real time ROI, but also communicates with your DMS and CRM software to provide an expansion of your lead-base for future prospective sales.

Even the world’s best mailer will not be effective if it doesn’t go out to the right consumer at the right time. That is why the second step of our approach is the careful application of every market through a specific set of principles. By peeling back the layers of each commercial circle via a few key elements such as income, ethnicity, drive time, and topography, we break all of these down until the best household message and package are determined to ignite customer response. It takes 77 steps, with dozens of people in place, to produce even our simplest embossed credit card mail piece.

Traffic Jam’s team of production specialists work step-by-step with our clients through the design phase to ensure a handcrafted message matches the criteria set by the research. All data is compiled on your market before we even ask for the business. Sure, price is important, but the value brought to your business is what will make us profitable partners. After all, in this age and industry, isn’t that what you’re looking for? We are.

At the end of the day, our truly interactive digital media provides auto dealerships the tools they need to increase sales—an easily trackable ROI along with future marketing materials. And more importantly than anything else, this system doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out.

David Jeansonneis the president of Traffic Jam Events.For more information, please visit or feel free to contact him personally at 866-677-3702.



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