Quality Link Building Strategies for Automotive Dealers

Despite recent issues regarding the Penguin update, link building remains one of the most successful factors in increasing organic rankings… as long as you do it correctly and ethically.

When it comes to building links to your dealership’s site, there are several quality strategies to help boost your online presence as well as organic rankings. These include: partnerships and sponsorships, news sources and blogs.


Building authority links from local websites is a perfect way to help boost your organic rankings. Start off by looking for sponsorship opportunities in your local community. These could include local charities, or student clubs in your area related to the automotive industry. These organizations may be at local universities or automotive institutes. From there, get in contact with the club or organization and see if there would be an opportunity for a sponsorship, including a link on their website to your dealership’s site.

In addition to sponsorships, partnerships with local businesses is another effective link-building strategy. Reach out to local businesses and give them a reason to want to promote, and link to, your site. Being a part of your community will help to establish trust.

News Sources

Is your dealership planning to host an event? Don’t miss out on a great link building opportunity! When hosting an event at your dealership, be sure to contact your local news source and see if they’d be willing to promote through your dealership’s website or blog. Have them write an article about the event, including details such as when and where it will take place and make sure that the article includes a link to your website.

Not only is this a great way to build an authority link back to your site, but it is also a perfect way to promote your event within your local community.

Auto Blogs

There has been much controversy in the recent months regarding whether or not guest blogging is dead. When it comes down to it, guest blogging is still an effective method of link building, as long as it is done in small doses and is of high quality. Take time to find quality automotive blogs that accept content from outside sources. Come up with an interesting article or blog post, perhaps including an automotive how-to, or top automotive tips.

Overall when developing a link building strategy it is important to be very careful, as well as logical when deciding where to build links. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, as well as the Penguin updates, you need to be sure that every link you build is high quality and relevant to your dealership.

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Lauren Sheridan is an SEO Consultant at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.

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