Ramping Up Your Processes And Procedures

For many years now I have felt that every dealership, regardless of size or location, could cut costs, reduce liability exposure, improve efficiency and professionalism, and increase profitability by making some changes to the way they use and control their dealer demo tags. I have felt so strongly about this that I have devoted much of my time over the past 20 years developing systems, products and accessories that enable dealers to easily, safely and securely use and control their demo tags.

Now, as if to confirm what I have believed all along, I am beginning to see articles in trade publications, written by well-respected experts and consultants, indicating that the coming year will be good for automobile dealers. They also forecast many exciting new products, great incentive programs, low interest rates, and an expanding economy. These experts are also suggesting that dealerships, which continue to grow, will do so at the expense of others since the pie is not expected to get much bigger. The consensus seems to be that the dealerships that are going to do well in the future are those that are taking steps now to improve their business practices and procedures.

I realized that their reference to improving their business practices and procedures was, at least in part, what I have so long believed. Operating a business of any kind is like carrying water home in a bucket over an obstacle course. The better you are at finding the smoothest route, the less water you will spill, and the more you will arrive home with. But if you start with a leaky bucket, regardless of your ability to find the smoothest route, you will arrive home with less than you would have if you had stopped the leak before you started. Now, I know this analogy seems simplistic, but think about it in terms of business practices and procedures. The business practices are like finding the smoothest route and the procedures are like stopping the leaks.

If you plan to prosper in the up-coming months you should heed the experts advice and take every step necessary to improve your business practices and procedures. Improvements in these key areas of your business can reduce costs significantly. Some of the measures that they suggest can permanently reduce costs and potentially result in increased profits from the same sales volume.

I recommend the implementation of an access control system to control use and access of dealer demo tags. This simple procedural change can reduce the number of tags the dealership requires to operate efficiently. With fewer tags, the dealership has a lower liability exposure. This lower exposure can translate into lower insurance costs. Proper control of demo tags results in improved efficiency. Sales persons and managers can spend their time more productively, resulting in increased sales volumes. With these simple cost effective changes you can take the first step toward increasing your chances of business success and increased profits.

Bernard Boule is president of M-Tech, makers of access control systems, including Securitag&reg-. He holds numerous patents, trademarks and copyrights, and has developed products for the auto retail industry for over 20 years. He can be contacted at 1-800-642-4522 or via email at bboule@m-tech.ws

Bernard Boule


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