Reach Unique Audience of Active Car Buyers with Innovative New Kbb.Com Classifieds Product

Auto Industry Encouraged to ‘Turn on the Power of Blue’ with Turnkey Opportunity, Get Right Inventory in Front of Right Shopper to Sell More Cars


IRVINE, Calif., June 7, 2012– Kelley Blue Book, the leading provider of new car and used car information, today announces an all-new Classifieds experience on its top-rated website  This innovative approach to car shopping allows the auto industry to expand its reach to millions of active in-market car buyers that largely cannot be found on other automotive websites.1  In partnership with online classifieds leader and Kelley Blue Book’s parent company, the ‘cars for sale’ section on has been completely rebuilt, featuring a distinctive design and functionality created specifically for Kelley Blue Book’s unique audience. 


Millions of serious car buyers visit each month, and nearly 40 percent plan to purchase a vehicle within the next three months.2  In developing the new Classifieds experience, Kelley Blue Book created a true ‘win-win’ for both consumers and the auto industry:  Car shoppers will have success in easily finding a car that meets their needs, and dealer customers have a turnkey solution to place the right inventory in front of the right shopper on Kelley Blue Book’s to sell more cars.


“’s new Classifieds experience is a valuable tool for dealers to present their new- and used-vehicle inventory to a highly engaged, unique audience that is largely unduplicated on other automotive websites,” said Jared Rowe, president of Kelley Blue Book.  “We’re giving dealers the opportunity to ‘Turn on the Power of Blue’ to maximize exposure to an entirely new audience during a crucial time in the shopping process; when they are moving from researching cars to shopping available inventory.  Now, more than ever before, is an increasingly important resource providing in-market car shoppers with all of the information they need for their next purchase, from researching vehicle information and reviews, to obtaining market-relevant values and pricing information, to finding the right car for sale in their local area.”


An Innovative New Approach to Online Car Shopping


Kelley Blue Book’s is a highly trusted, valuable resource for millions of in-market car shoppers who visit the site to research vehicle information and values.  However, more than three-quarters of visitors to are undecided on which make and model they want to purchase.3  The new Classifieds experience was designed to allow shoppers to browse new and used cars for sale based on their needs, in addition to the typical ‘make/model’ search.  This inventive approach allows users to identify vehicle criteria and attributes that are important to them and returns applicable results of both new and used cars for sale in their area, allowing shoppers to view all of their options in one search.  In addition, this approach helps introduce shoppers to vehicles they may not have originally considered or realized met all of their needs.     


Helpful information including both expert and consumer reviews and ratings also appear alongside the results, so users can continue researching and learning about their options as they shop.  Shoppers can customize views and group results in a variety of ways to easily see all of their options and compare vehicles that fit their needs, allowing for deeper engagement and control throughout the process.


Maximize Inventory Listings on, Place Right Vehicles in Front of Right Shopper


Inventory listings on are prioritized through “Best Match,” a formula that ranks vehicles based on what is determined to be the most relevant and engaging for that shopper, similar to how search engines return the most relevant information based on what the user is looking for.  “Best Match” results are intended to highlight the vehicles that shoppers will be most interested in viewing.  


This algorithm is based in part on the vehicle information sellers provide, including the number of photos, video and detailed vehicle descriptions, as well as certain attributes of the vehicle such as the distance from the user, mileage versus the average for that model year, and the length of time the listing has been on the site. 


Dealers can directly influence their position in search results by merchandising cars to their full potential, placing the right vehicle in front of the right shopper at the right time to help enable greater sales success.  The all-new Classifieds give every dealer the opportunity to play higher in search results through well-merchandised listings.


“The new Classifieds product gives dealers the opportunity to reach a powerful audience of millions of active car buyers that they simply cannot access anywhere else, as research shows that most shoppers on do not visit other online car-shopping sites,” said Jared Rowe, president of Kelley Blue Book.  “In addition,’s Classifieds product is unique because every dealer can directly influence how high they play in search results via how well they merchandise their listings.  Cars that most closely match shopper preferences and are well-merchandised will rank higher via our ‘Best Match’ algorithm.  This gives dealers the power to appear at the top of search results, placing the right inventory in front of the right shopper.”


Turnkey Setup with Partnership Features One System, One Representative


Setup for dealers to list inventory on the new Classifieds is completely turnkey, thanks to a partnership with  While the layout and functionality of how vehicle listings appear on the two sites is very different, Classifieds listings are pulled automatically from data on  In addition, both sites are seamlessly managed through one representative, an Advertising Consultant, so dealers can get the most from their advertising investment.  Research shows that there are different types of shoppers on versus,4 and there is limited audience overlap between the two sites.5  Now dealers have the opportunity to easily reach even more highly engaged, in-market shoppers with their new- and used-vehicle inventory.  In addition, listings are managed within one system including the same back-end reporting, leveraging dealers’ existing inventory feeds, creative assets and merchandising. 


 ‘Turn On the Power of Blue’


Kelley Blue Book is launching its new Classifieds with an industry-facing marketing campaign, inviting dealers to ‘Turn on the Power of Blue.’  The marketing campaign features print and online advertising in multiple automotive trade publications and websites.


To view the new Classifieds experience, visit and click on ‘cars for sale’ link along the top navigation.  For automakers or dealers interested in listing new and used vehicles on the all-new Classifieds, visit, or speak to an Advertising Consultant.


For more information and news from Kelley Blue Book’s, visit, follow us on Twitter at (or @kelleybluebook), or like our page on Facebook at


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