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As a car dealer, you need to be on top of your game when it comes to marketing. That also means knowing your audience well. Especially since people buy
vehicles and then wait years before purchasing another. Because of that, you constantly have to search for new forms of advertising.

Social media networks serve as an excellent advertising medium. For the most part they’re relatively inexpensive to use, and you can target specific
audiences quite well if you know what you’re doing. Adversely, that point can also be related to one of the biggest drawbacks of advertising through social
media. When used improperly, the platforms can be very unforgiving. With the wrong mistake, you could even land your brand name, company, or client in some
hot water.

While the consequences for making a mistake may not always be so dire, it certainly holds true that you want to have some semblance of meaning when using
social media. So, let’s take a sample goal and discuss various ways that you can go about getting your dealership out there.

Identify your target audience and where to find them.

New clients and customers always have the most potential when it comes to selling a product, especially vehicles. For automobiles, the most obvious “new”
customers are teens, because they’re first time vehicle owners. So, our target audience for the purpose of this article is going to be teens, and also the
parents of said teens.

How exactly do you target teens through social media advertising? More specifically, how do you target the parents of those teens, and convince them to
purchase a new vehicle?

First, you need to decide which social media networks will offer the most bang for your buck, and which of them are tailored for your target audience. The
point here is that you need to explore the networks and pay attention to what kind of audience you will be able to reach while using them. Here are some
quick descriptions of the top three networks:

· Twitter is a great social media platform, especially for reaching younger audiences. However, you only have 140 characters per post to get your point

· Facebook is great for all audiences, but to reach a larger number of users in a short time span you will have to pay for advertising. Many companies have
a marketing budget, so this isn’t necessarily a huge issue.

· Google Plus tends to be for older audiences, which is okay because you’re targeting the parents of teens in this case. Don’t take that to mean there are
absolutely no younger Google Plus users, because there are.

Those may be the big three, but there are other social media networks out there.
Don’t be afraid to branch out. There are even networks tailored specifically for parents such as Momslikeme, Cafemom, Minti and more.

Put together an appropriate campaign.

Don’t blindly jump headfirst into the social media game. Take some time to decide what kind of journey you want to make. What is the general point you’re
trying to get across? What kind of posts do you want to publish?

Treat the entire scenario as a simplistic advertising campaign. When you produce multiple commercials or ads, they are all connected in a sense, and they
all tell one direct story. The same holds true for your social media posts and content.

To reach younger audiences like teens, you’ll want to have engaging and interesting content that speaks directly to them. To reach the parents of those
teens, you’ll want content that’s just as engaging, but at the same time is more realistic.

For example, show teens how they can have the time of their life thanks to a particular vehicle. For the adults, show them how their teens will be safe and
protected while they’re having such a great time.

This is related to the point above. Just as you need to identify the target audience, you also need to understand what that audience wants or desires from
a product.

What is the best way to reach your audience through social media?

Don’t just post advertisements. Include worthwhile content and information in your posts, as this ensures your audience will be more likely to pay
attention to it.

In your posts include videos, photos, and media galore. Grab the attention of your audience with visual cues, but maintain their attention by additionally
offering them something interesting for their time.

For instance, you could feature guest blogs on vehicle safety, or even reviews of the best vehicles in your inventory. Such content would be the meat or
filler of your posts, while you could draw in customers by pairing that with an appealing photo of the hottest selling model on your lot.

While you’re at it, contests and events that encourage interaction are important too. Not only will this get the name of your company or brand out there,
it will encourage your audience to visit your social profile continuously, especially if one of the contest requirements involves consistency.

When specifically targeting the parents of teens, a great idea would be to host a contest where users weigh in and predict what they think is the safest
vehicle for younger drivers. Then, you could reveal what car has been voted the safest vehicle (Car and Driver magazine would be a good reference for
that), and offer the winner who guessed right a small prize.

For example, CJ Pony Parts has a blog that they feature promotions and other news on. Reaching their audience
with calls to action is their way of getting them involved.

CJ Pony website screenshot

No matter what social network you choose, you don’t want to go against the grain. What I mean by that is pay attention to what others are posting regularly
and try to use that as a focus. If users are posting about their daily lives and important events, show them how a vehicle could factor in. If users are
posting parenting tips, take the opportunity to offer similar info in relation to cars.

Remember, any amount of attention can be considered advertising when it comes to social media. Just because you’re not blatantly claiming your dealership
is the best place to purchase a vehicle, doesn’t mean your advertising strategy is a bust. In fact, if the audience remembers you for your sound advice and
good tips, they’re more likely to wander onto your lot looking for a new family vehicle, or car for their teen.

Michael Bowen


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