ROI = Real Estate on the Internet

Video SEO defined, is applying keyword search engine optimization techniques to videos for first-page natural organic search listings on websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The term ROI, as applicable to Video SEO, equals Real Estate On the Internet, not return on investment. Video SEO is not a completely track-able form of digital media when applied directly to cars sold, just like TV ads. Why not? Not all video sites that host videos have view counters, not all views are counted if a video isn’t watched to completion, not all video sites allow for clickable links to your website, and other sites that embed your videos do not allow for view counts. Also, if someone watches one of your videos and then opens a new Google browser and types in your web address prompted by your video ads messaging, then your website analytics will show Google as the referring site getting credit for the unique visitor, and not the video that directed them to your site. Popular video sites like Youtube, Metacafe, and Daily Motion are similar to TV ad networks that don’t want someone to leave their website once they are tuned in.


Video is growing and will account for up to 90 percent of internet traffic (CISCO 2010) by 2013. There are currently three billion searches being performed daily on Google and 50 percent of these searches have video listings in the results. Twenty years ago most dealerships didn’t need a website to survive, but I don’t know of many that could survive today without one. Video SEO is no different that having a website and is fast becoming a standard in the search results, so don’t wait, as not having a Video SEO strategy for your dealership could quickly lose you the neededfirst-page search ROI .


With up to 65 percent of your website traffic (DATIUM 2012) coming from Google searches, it only makes sense to own as many first-page listings on Google for every possible relevant keyword search phrase relative to your brand’s products and services. Your dealership is competing 24/7 with other dealer websites, private seller listings, and third-party sites for these covetedfirst-page listings. Your website alone cannot occupy all thefirst-page real estate, so you need to employ an effective overall digital marketing strategy using numerous techniques to be successful.


One dealership using Video SEO is Allen Cadillac in Orange County, California. Allen Cadillac is part of the Allen Family Automotive Group, which was founded in 1947. Jim Loynes Jr., director of sales and marketing for the group says, “We have been using Video SEO to target nearby cities like Irvine, which has a population of over 200,000 people with a median average income of over $84,000 a year, which is almost $30,000 a year higher than the national average. Video SEO helps us gain a competitive edge over other dealers vying for these potential customers.”


The example shown here is for the keyword search phrase “Cadillac Irvine.” The box at the top shows Allen Cadillac’s website listing, and the arrows show Allen Cadillac’s videos taking up three more spots on thefirst-page search results thereby effectively reducing thefirst-page ROI exposure of other competitors vying for this search phrase. The more ROI you own, the less your competition owns, which effectively reduces their exposure to potential customers in your DMA.


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