Salespeople: Use the CRM and Make More Money!

Dealerships often struggle with one particular part of customer relationship management (CRM) systems: sales employee buy-in. It takes dedication and hard work for members of your sale staff to fully participate in the system.

When the staff does fully embrace your CRM system, the benefits to your dealership are many:

  • CRM systems average a return on investment of $5.60 per $1 spent.
  • CRM systems improve customer retention by 27%.
  • CRM systems with mobile CRM increase productivity by 15%.
  • CRM systems organize your sales funnel and track how many leads you get from all the different sources, including television and radio, newspaper, direct mail, word of mouth, social media, online advertising, pay-per-click, third-party leads, walk-ons, your BDC, etc.
  • CRM systems track all interactions with customers.
  • CRM systems can analyze the value of each form of marketing you use.

One of the keys to employee buy-in is demonstrating the benefit to your sales staff. Since all of the benefits listed previously contribute to the end goal of a sale and each employee is commissioned on the sale, there is a direct relationship between a successful CRM system and your salesperson’s income.

For more information that further builds the case for the CRM system’s value, check out the following infographic from the Chicago-based agency OurHelix, featured on Hubspot:

The overwhelming evidence in favor of the benefits of CRM shows that the hard work and training involved in getting full buy-in of your dealership’s system from your sales staff is a big win for you—and them.

Brett Stevenson

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    David Christiansen July 29, 2015

    Brett, you are so right. Dealer Sourcing Solutions will solve much of the problem and take the responsibility out of the hand of sales personnel.


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