Search Engine Optimization for Automotive Fixed Operations

There is a lot of talk about automotive internet sales, business development, technology, and digital marketing. but…there is a lot less talk (almost none in fact) about fixed operations on the internet or digital marketing for the service department. Why is that, when fixed ops is 65 percent (or more) of most dealerships’ profits?

With the average dealership losing 80 percent of its service customers, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to increase a major profit center when fixed operations utilizes the power of the internet and digital marketing. Way too many opportunities for a 500 word article; so, I am going to explain fixed operations search engine optimization. Here are a quick couple of examples.
If you Google:
·                     “Oil change Philadelphia” (566,000 returns)
·                     “Tire rotation Washington DC” (44,000 returns)
·                     “Oil change San Francisco” (6,290,000 returns)
·                     “Need a Ford mechanic Chicago” (4,400,000 returns)
Not one of these examples shows a car dealership on the first page of Google! Not organic (natural) SEO, not for Pay Per Click (SEM), and not even for vertical search/local search (on the map)!
How is this possible? Easy, dealers are not focused on fixed operations online, but this leaves piles of money on the table. Do you know who is getting all of that business? Companies like Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, and local repair shops. Think about how much business you would acquire if you added fixed ops online to your strategy—your service lanes would be full from open to close! Imagine if anyone and everyone who went to Google, and the other search engines, and typed in anything related to service, parts, or any other aspect of fixed ops, saw your dealership on the first page of the search results, not once but numerous times!
Here is how you do it:
·                     Make sure your website company is properly optimizing your website for fixed operations. Do not take their word for it. Make sure your site is indexing on the first page for what you want to show up for. If not, seek help!
·                     Video search engine optimization for fixed operations is extremely powerful.
·                     Create a focus site (micro site) campaign solely dedicated to fixed operations.
·                     Create a social media search engine optimization strategy (if you do it yourself its free!).
·                     Make sure you are take advantage of the full power of vertical search engine optimization (local search). This is free!
·                     After and I do mean after you have secured a powerful strategy for your organic fixed operations SEO, then look into a Pay-Per-Click campaign that will enhance your strategy. This means not only Google Ad words, but also YouTube Pay-Per-Click videos for fixed operations.
If you have any questions what so ever about this article or if you would like examples or free advice on how you can set this up for your dealership please feel free to call me or email me.
Sean V. Bradley is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy, an award winning training consulting, and digital marketing company for the automotive industry. For more information call 888-803-1429 or email




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