Sell ‘Em During the Test Drive

woman test driving vehicles

Next time you venture on a test drive with a customer remember to focus on the benefits of the vehicle to them. While you may have a wealth of knowledge about every possible feature of that particular car, try not to overwhelm and therefore annoy the customer.

Often, during a test drive, the customer will discover one or two key benefits that mean the world to only them. It’s your job to help unearth those benefits and shine a spotlight on them. Casual, friendly conversation will often present valuable information that will help you find the benefit each customer will value.

Don’t try and force information out of the customer, it should come out naturally. If the customer says they spent the weekend in a softball tournament, you’ll know that they will value to space for equipment in the car they drive. If they went snowboarding, they will love the 4-wheel drive. A family with young children is sure to value the built-in child seat mounts and safety features.

We all know that the test drive is where the customer falls in love with their new car and that the test drive is the holy grail of the sales process.

One of the more innovative new companies in the automotive marketing world is Test Drive Generator. This new company specializes in helping auto dealers increase the number of test drives that are generated by the dealer’s website. You don’t need an all new site to use Test Drive Generator; it can be added easily to any dealer’s website.

The Test Drive product is designed to increase the number of website visitors that actually book a real appointment to test drive right on your website. For more information, visit or call 877-696-0415.

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