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Do you remember the popular ‘90s mantra, “Work smarter, not harder!”? It still applies to car sales and fortunately we have software today to make this easier and more productive than ever before.

We can wait for customers to cross the threshold or we can go after them assertively. I don’t mean you’re to stand by the street corner and wave in customers (though some of us have done that in our career), but rather you identify which is ready to buy today using valuable intelligence and then you call them fully prepared.

Okay, unless you’re the Amazing Kreskin it will be impossible for you to know who’s a ripe prospect and who’s not simply by looking at them as they drive by. Yet consumers ready to buy from you are there, by the hundreds, but you’re going to have to hunt and go after them.

Here’s the 2012 way to sell more intelligently and sell faster:

  • Leverage your data

    Why spend $10,000 weekly on costly marketing gambles to try and generate new business when your most valuable sales opportunities reside in your customer database. Isn’t spending money to attract new ups working harder than you really would like? You could be dozens of new car sales ahead by spending much less but working smarter to probe this data for your next sales.

  • Leverage software

    Nothing beats business intelligence software for taking apart a customer list and putting it together again with the hot, ready-to-buy prospects right at the top. Software parameters set to review data today, next week or a month out will provide a list of customers who’ll welcome your reasons for calling them (I don’t need Kreskin to know the outcome of this!)

  • Leverage the phone

    Texting might be hip, but you’ll want to pick up the landline and actually call up a real person and speak to them about ways you can help save money, avoid costly mistakes or stretch the safe use of their vehicle a few thousand miles further down the road. This is intelligently pursuing the customer and not killing time waiting for ups to wander in.

  • Leverage scripts

    Working from a phone script is especially wise when it comes to using the telephone to engage customers. Sure, some sales pros who have become adroit with phone selling may do well without a scripted talk track, but most others will not. Be smart—the right phone script keeps the conversation on point. It keeps the conversation progressing toward the caller’s goal. It prepares the caller to say the right things and to ask the right questions—and provides the logical follow-up statements to insure the desired outcome. A scripted sales presentation makes sure no key selling point or message is forgotten. Even a novice can sound knowledgeable and productive selling by phone when they’re given a talk track to make their calls more conversational, yet effective.

  • Leverage time

    Let your software uncover future sales opportunities with a little help. The sooner you identify these opportunities and start calling, the sooner you’ll put new sales on the board. The faster inventory moves the quicker your days’ average drops. The idea is to sell cars faster for more profit—and delays only make that goal more difficult.

For a downloadable PDF report to help you sell more cars faster, visit or contact me.

Boyd Warner is CEO of AutoAlert®, Inc. (, the most advanced lead generation solution available on the market today. Contact him at

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