SEO and Your Used Inventory

Dealers know the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to their lead generation. If your website doesn’t rank well, the leads from your site are going to suffer. You need your website to rank at the top of the search results for your most important keywords, especially on local searches, if you want to receive the highly qualified leads your dealership requires.

When ranking sites, search engines look not only at the content of your site, but also the number of pages on your site and the frequency of updates. Because of this, your used inventory pages—if properly set up on your site—can help boost your organic rankings considerably.

One of the most important steps to improving the ranking of your used inventory page is to make sure each page of your inventory is crawlable by the search engines. Here’s why: First, this will add as many pages to site crawls as you have vehicles to sell. Second, each time you update your inventory (sell a vehicle or add a new one), the engines will rank it as an important revision, which makes you more relevant in their search results. Finally, each piece of inventory will be eligible as a result with long tail key words. In other words, if you have seven, silver, Honda Civics on your lot, there will be seven possible search results leading to your site for the keyword phrase, “Silver Honda Civic [Your City].”

The process of adding this Search Inventory Marketing to your website may require some redevelopment. When you consider the impact on your results, however, you will see it is well worth the investment.

Todd Swickard is the CEO of Auto Dealer Traffic. For more information, call 614-225-0580 or email

Todd Swickard


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