So, Here We Are…2013

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The Mayan calender ended and the world is still here…and so is your inventory.

A lot of people spent time this holiday making resolutions; the list can get a little crazy. It’s an old cliché, but statistically most people end up putting the list away out of disgust. It’s just too overwhelming, and people try to do everything on the list at once.

I found a way to manage the “new-year-resolution-revolving-door” a few years ago when I realized that all of my resolutions could be boiled down to just one: Be true to my best personal outcome every day. The key part of that statement is, every day.

You see, we all have the best intentions, but we get tired, distracted, or just a little bit lazy. It’s happened to us all.

How to keep on track

The best method is to repeat the outcome message over and over again. If we can consistently hear and then visualize the goal as a present and existing reality…we naturally act as though it exists today, and take on behaviors that achieve and maintain that reality.

“I’m on a diet” or “I’m losing weight” becomes “I’m a fit individual who takes my health choices seriously.” You say that enough times to yourself and see examples of how you want to look, and presto—all of a sudden you find yourself acting like a fit person making the correct decisions for your body. You eat better portions of the right kinds of food. You find ways to exercise by taking the stairs, parking farther from the entrance to the store. These little things are the baby steps that add up to getting you exactly where you need to be.

Please notice that the message needs to be stated in the positive. There’s no “New Age” process there. Just think about it: You can’t move forward with anything while walking backwards! You need to be moving toward a goal not running away from it. Try this on for size and be honest, which statement makes more sense to you?: I am not going to sell less cars than last week; I am not going to have worse numbers than last year; or I’m always professional, I always have a good day, I always close the best deals. Again, the key part of that statement is—every day.

Resolution for your business

What’s the message to your business, your staff, your customers? Is it consistent? Is it positive? Does it speak more about where you and they want to be rather than where you are now, today, every day?

I advise my clients to know themselves first. When they know who they are, they can communicate that to the marketplace and have their customers respond the same way…every day.

John Yost is the senior sales executive for, a division of Ryno Production. For information, please call 800-860-7966 x 115, email, or visit

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