Spice Up Your Pay-Per-Click Ads: Part Two

Last issue I explained two ways you can add some flair to your online pay-per-click (PPC) campaign: advertising low prices with strong incentives and writing ads specific to the make and model the customer is searching. This issue, I will continue with two more strategies that will make your ads stand out in a sea of sameness.
Magnify your brand name.
A quick and easy way to improve your ad copy is to use the branding that exists for your dealership. If I ask consumers in your market what the first thing that pops into their head when they think of your dealership is, what would they think of? Do they repeat a tagline? Hum a jingle? Think of a crazy mascot or gimmick? Whatever it is they recollect, you must use that branding power across all forms of advertising. If you mention your tagline or jingle in your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, it adds a sense of familiarity. It makes the customer feel like you are a safe choice because they recognize something about the ad. Do whatever you need to do to bring their guard down and make them feel like they are comfortable and familiar with your dealership, even if it’s on a subconscious level.
Try something new.
Use humor in your ads; use customer testimonials as your ad copy. See what all of the other dealerships are writing, and go the complete opposite direction. Have some fun with your creative message. Write something zany, like, “We Guarantee The Lowest Price or You Can Shave Off Our GM’s Eyebrows!” or intriguing, like “I Saved $1300 On My New Jeep Wrangler And I Couldn’t Be Happier—Jane Doe 4/16/10.” The absolute last thing you want to do is have an ad that looks like all the other ads on the page.
I like to think of a search engine results page as a one or two sentence interview between a customer and a dealership. The customer asks you a question on a car model based on the search they performed and it’s your job to give them an answer that impresses them. Don’t deliver the same cookie cutter message to the customer that they hear from every dealership. The trick is writing smart ad copy that’s intriguing, informative, and not boring.
No matter how you decide to write your PPC ads, it is important to remember that the most important way to distinguish your dealership from the one down the road is through your advertising and branding. Be smart, be informative, and take some risks by stepping outside the box every once in a while. The customers will relate to your message and show their appreciation by purchasing a car from your dealership.
Tom Knoop is director of search engine marketing for Stevenson Advertising. If you need help starting your own pay-per-click campaigns, feel free to contact him at 800-643-8584 or email TomK@StevensonAdvertising.com.



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