Stay On Top of Your Website and Advertising Compliance

Avoid the compliance mistakes and oversights that can cost time and money

As an auto dealer, you’re well aware of website and advertising compliance requirements, and the stress that they can cause you—as well as the time it takes out of your busy schedule to oversee any required corrections.

And because of the vast open market that is the web and the leads it generates for your business, compliance guidelines have grown stricter these past few years. Keeping up with the best practices of these new compliance guidelines and regulations can be strenuous and time-consuming. There’s no excuse to not take the process seriously.

By not adhering to the strict guidelines, you can create unwanted and costly trouble for your business. This kind of trouble may be detrimental to your brand image, and can also affect your bottom line.

Adapting for advertising compliance

Whether you’re advertising in print, radio, or TV, you know that it’s never a good idea to misrepresent the deals or the selling points of your inventory.

But even if you’re specific and honest about all details, not adhering to the required, clear-cut disclaimers and guidelines can lead to problems for your dealership. Even if the misrepresentation was unintentional, it could still cause serious issues.

When you submit your advertisements to a compliance team, you may get them sent back with an ominous “DISAPPROVED” stamp over the specific violations, whether they involve fuel economy, rates, or even MSRP. After a simple correction and approval, you’re on your way to posting or publishing your advertisement.

If something falls through the cracks or you’re not specific about the product or the details of the deal, however, you and your business can be held liable.

Dealing with penalties

It’s important to go over every piece of website content and advertising so you don’t accidentally slip up, then accumulate fines and penalties.

Some of these penalties are counted for each day that the offending advertisement was available to consumers, which over time can add up to a hefty fine that will no doubt have a lasting financial effect on your business—and more importantly, to your reputation.

Customers don’t like being misled, and if they feel their trust has been violated, they’ll simply go somewhere else. Awareness of the risk of being fined or compromising your valuable reputation should kick your business into gear, and start it looking for ways to stay on top of advertising compliance.

Making the compliance process easier

Although there are numerous ways to make sure your website and ads are always compliant, one of the easiest ways is by working with an agency that fully understands compliance. Not only will a full-service advertising agency drive more business and increase your leads, but it will have your back when it comes to following compliance guidelines.

You can kick back and relax knowing you’re in great hands with an agency that understands the ins and outs of compliance, and the best practices for avoiding or preventing a violation. There are many benefits to partnering up with such an agency:

  • It can execute content or ads that show results.
  • It can track the results and show you the data.
  • It’s aware of compliance guidelines and can craft content and ads that get approved.
  • It can help keep your brand image relevant.

By partnering up with an agency, you can rest easy knowing that you have a team working hard to ensure that all of your web content and advertisements are compliant with state and federal laws. You’ll save time, money, and headaches.

Matt Jobs is an inbound marketing copywriter at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-based advertising agency. When he’s not crafting educational content for his clients, he enjoys reading, writing, and gardening.

Matt Jobs

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