Stay on Track with Innovation to Keep Dealership Growing

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As everything has moved online in the automotive marketing industry you can see how constant learning and innovation has become essential to survival. There is probably no better example than the crash and burn we are witnessing in real time with Apple. The “Steve Jobs Effect” is gone with the death of their visionary leader. The company that brought us the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone, the iPad and most other brilliant technological breakthroughs has turned down an alley and hit the wall.

The latest incarnation of the iPhone is boring. The iPhone 5C is a cheapo version that comes in colors. Steven Jobs was never known for embracing “cheapo” so he probably wouldn’t be happy. The more expensive version, the 5S, has almost no innovation. When the hot thing is bigger screens, Apples new version as still small screens. When better cameras in the phones are hot, Apples new phones have cameras that are nothing special. It’s almost like Apple started wearing a blindfold when Steve Jobs died.

It’s important that your dealership not get behind even though sales have improved. Use the increased revenue to make an investment in scaling up your dealership’s innovation. Explore some of the amazing things the cutting edge vendors are doing.

The pages of this issue have innovative technology from vendors like Contact At Once, DME, Stream Companies, PCG, Rich Dealers, AVA, AutoAlert, and Car-mercial. You can also attend some of the auto events that happen through the year to see what’s new. It’s all about thinking ahead. Someone should tell Apple…before it’s too late.

Michael Bowen


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