Suddenly It’s 2012

The Age of Real-Time Online Inventory Integration


As dynamic as today’s online inventory technologies are, there are some long-standing shortcomings that have plagued dealers who use them. Fortunately, some of these problems are about to be resolved as the world of online inventory management takes an industry-changing leap forward.


To be clear, this significant improvement in how online inventory is listed, published and managed on car-shopping sites like and your own website is moving from yesterday to tomorrow—empowering you to make real-time inventory updates to be even more competitive.


This game-changer may be with us as soon as you read this. What’s driving this revolution is the dynamic killer app Dealer Profit Center or DPC. This app will soon make possible multiple, real time daily data extraction, compilation, and distribution from your dealer management system to your dealership website inventory, key online car-shopping sites and the resulting leads right into you CRM.


This new integration technology will give used car and internet managers the ability to update vehicle inventory descriptions and prices in real time, any time of the day or night, so they can be sure to have the freshest, most appealing inventory online possible.


DPC is also going to make it possible to integrate leads from both your own dealership website inventory and third-party online sites through an integrated CRM that ensures a more consistent lead follow-up, management and longterm relationship building.


Suddenly it’s 2012, with online inventory marketing now more sophisticated, more effective, more manageable, and very fresh! With this technology working in you dealership, you’ll enjoy the most current content, images, and pricing for your inventory on your website and third-party car-shopping sites. With DPC, seamless integration of apps like web and CRM with online inventory will deliver a unified solution for dealers frustrated by having to use, pay for, and manage multiple vendors for independent and nonintegrated online marketing functions.


Other exciting online marketing apps will make it a cinch for dealers to build powerful and affordable online selling juggernauts. Some of these exciting apps include those that deliver:


·                     Significant leads off sites likeCraigslist and eBay that flow right into a CRM so leads don’t drop through the cracks and you are able to convert more of your digital marketing investment into vehicle sales.


·                     Engaged online shoppers, because your “live” walk-around vehicle videos build excitement in those units.


·                     Vehicle history reports that build confidence in a dealer’s used inventory and attract eyeballs when displayed on online presentations.


·                     Convenience solutions like online auctions and inventory mix/price technologies, so you can be more confident in knowing you’re stocking the right vehicles at the right prices for your market so you sell more cars profitably.


Providing Dealer Profit Center and integrating online inventory management, web inventory management and CRM lead management is AULtec, the technology powerhouse behind its sister company and biggest client AutoUpLinkUSA, the leader in providing online inventory listing, imaging, publishing, and management solutions.


In business since 2001, both companies help car dealerships market and sell more vehicles online as well as provide technology solutions for other automotive technology companies.


The companies’ superior products, in-dealership services and product concern-resolution help auto retailers drive more revenue from their inventory. AULtec, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. AutoUpLinkUSA is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.


Bruce McHoul is President of AULtec, LLC. For more information, contact Skip Murphy at smurphy@aultec.comor visit





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