SuperSale Guys Are All The Same…

This has probably crossed your mind when hearing about staffed events. Let’s face the facts—there are a multitude of companies out there who promise to increase profitability, decrease aged inventory, and train your staff. Sounds great, right? Maybe not…As it turns out, not all staffed event companies are the same.

The key to making sure you don’t get duped is to be well informed about the companies you’re considering. Asking the right questions can help you weed out the companies who don’t value your best interest and help you make an educated decision that will prove to be profitable and value-added.


Where are the quality ups?


You understand your target and value advertising efforts, which yield the greatest return with little waste. Your staffed event advertising plan should be no different. Ask the event company how they plan to reach those who are your best target. Look for companies that use a mix of media and have a variety of campaign themes to ensure your marketing is fresh and effective.


How does the staffed event company ensure their event advertising is 100 percent compliant with your state’s regulations? The attorney general constantly changes the rules and your event company should be apprised of these changes. A good agency will research advertising restrictions in your area, and develop a cohesive plan that’s compliant. Beware of false promises. Get the agreement in writing.


How accountable is the team?


Always inquire about proper licensing for the sales teams. One bad move here could cost you the sale and the thousands you invested in advertising.


Who does the sales team work for? If sales teams are jumping from one event company to the next, who do you have to fall back on if something goes wrong? Make sure the sales team works exclusively for that event company. Additionally, ask how long the team has been together and how long they’ve worked for the same company. Find out about their hiring process (is there a background check, drug test, etc?), and probe them for information on how they train their teams.


Can I get it in writing?


Consider whether the staffed event company has a documented process to sign off on a deal as it happens. Bypass the Monday morning mess and ensure your event company has a plan to handle the sign off process throughout the sale.


Finally, have the staffed event company document how they will be involved in the charge back process and for how long. The event company should only get paid when you get paid. If they don’t offer to participate, be weary.


The bottom line


Remember—staffed events have an upside. Well executed events can provide training, excitement, and money for your reps, but beware of false promises. Ultimately, your decision should be based on the quality of service that best helps you reach your short and long-term goals.


If you are considering integrating promotions into your marketing plan, and are looking for some additional pointers, please request a copy of G&A’s 15 Keys to Boosting Sales Volume and Profitability by sending an email to with subject line BOOST. You’ll receive a short list of marketing and sales tips you can implement in your dealership right away.


Matt Baker is the vice president of G&A Marketing, an industry leading automotive advertising and staffed event provider. Feel free to give him a call at 800-688-1370 or email to For a copy of G&A’s 15 Keys to Boosting Sales Volume and Profitability send an email to with subject line “boost.” You’ll receive a short list of marketing and sales tips you can implement in your dealership right away.





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