Target Customers’ ZMOT and Sell More Service

Here’s a plan to help you add $15,000 to $40,000 a month, or more, in additional parts and labor sales. It requires only two tools: A methodology for analyzing customer data and a counter-intuitive way of meeting customers’ timely service needs.

This is a plan that isolates and targets existing customers according to when they are most likely to welcome your contact, and therefore more likely to buy. This is their ZMOT—their zero moment of truth.

ZMOT describes a decisive moment—the moment when consumers make a decision to shop for or buy products and services, and whether you’re prepared at that moment to fulfill that need.

Targeting ZMOT can be a challenge. Fortunately, data mining techniques can help isolate this critical opportunity. For service marketing, these are your existing customers whose vehicle ownership status, age, mileage, or service history, make them more inclined to buy from you today.

With these customers identified and a list of them available on screen or as a report, they’re ready for your contact. One of the more assertive ways to reach these customers is by telephone and/or ZMOT-focused direct mail.

This must be structured communication. Whether a phone call or direct mailer, the message must be scripted. Tone and word choice must be non-threatening and inviting:

  • You’re calling to help customers improve vehicle economy, ride, and safety.

  • You’re interested in helping them drive with peace of mind; your vehicle service contracts will help them achieve this confidence.

  • Phone calls scripted to provide the caller with the right words to earn the customer’s trust and business are vital; wing it here, and dealer-talk will take over and chase them away.

  • Dealers following these suggestions report generating an additional 30 or more confirmed service appointments a week, producing $400 to $500 in parts and labor revenue each.

    They also report converting many of these calls into new or used vehicle sales. In fact, dealership sales departments using these techniques report selling five to one hundred or more units every month, depending on units in operation.

    So, are your customers at their service or vehicle purchase ZMOT? Deep data mining that isolates their needs and then matches the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time, can help your dealership sell more service.

    Boyd Warner is CEO of AutoAlert®, Inc. (, the most advanced lead generation solution available on the market today. Contact him at

    Boyd Warner


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