Ten Things to Tweet, Blog or Facebook About That Will Engage Your Customers


To sell or not to sell…That is the social media conundrum.
I’ve heard a lot of people in the industry say “No No don’t try to sell anything on social media, it’s about being friends and connecting with your customers!” Personally I think that’s a lot of nonsense, you’re a business not a fan club. The people who followed you knew you were a business and they most likely patron your business. I bet if we did a poll on your followers 99.9% would say they expected to see a sales message on your fan page.
The trick in my opinion is to take a page from television’s ever so slick product placement. Engage and entertain your customers while you slip in a not so blatant ad here and there.
With that in mind, here are ten things you can Tweet, blog, or Facebook about that will capture your customer’s attention:
1.       Industry tips and advice—Make sure to think about your audience and what they want to know about. Just because you sell cars doesn’t mean your customers care about hot rods. Probably tips on maintaining a car and getting better gas mileage are relevant though.
2.       Weigh in on current events—Share your opinion on local news, celebrity gossip, or global affairs. Make sure they are topics that would appeal to your target audience.
3.       Interact, ask questions—Think of questions that your audience would feel passionate and motivated to voice their opinion on. Stay away from high controversy questions, but sparking a good debate is great!
4.       Be human—There is nothing wrong with showing off pictures of an employee’s new baby or wishing someone well who is out sick. In fact, it helps you connect with your customers on a human level.
5.       Be social—Don’t talk at your customers. Talk to them! It is ok to wish them a happy Friday or ask them how they are doing; it doesn’t all have to be business.
6.       Ask for content—This is a great one. There is nothing people like more then seeing their own face on stuff. Posting customer pictures or their own creations on your website not only gets them to your site, but also their friends.
7.       Ask for company input—Invoking customer feedback on certain topics is useful and makes your customers feel like you value their opinion.
8.       Hold a contest—Everyone loves a good contest. Holding a contest involving social media works great to spread interest.
9.       Riddle them this—Tweeting a riddle with a link to a creative landing page is a great way to entice your followers to click through. You can also make it viral by adding a share button.
10.    Offer exclusive promotions—Make your fans feel honored that they were advertised to!
Kristen Maurois a marketing expert at More Cars Sold (www.MoreCarsSold.com). Kristen can be reached directly at 267-255-9544.




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