The Benefits of Implementing a Culture of Health

A structured fitness and nutrition regimen could mean an additional half-dozen workdays of productivity per year

We’ve all heard it before: Eat more fruits and vegetables, get more exercise, and instead of going for the chips and soda during lunch break, grab the chicken wrap and a handful of carrots.

Yet as scientific evidence continues to expose the national monstrosity we call a “diet,” many employees at car dealerships, as well as all other types of businesses, are still packing on the pounds, and insurance premiums continue to skyrocket.

So, what’s the problem?

This problem of out-of-shape, unfit employees occurs because, like many businesses, auto dealerships usually:

  1. Have no dealership-based movement or nutritional program specific for salespeople.
  2. Have no accountability or incentive framework to ensure healthy goals are set and achieved.
  3. Give no priority to supporting the longevity of overall health for employees.

You, as a dealership owner, may think that your salespeople are staying fit by being constantly on their feet, running to quickly wash a client’s car or pacing the sales lot attracting new customers. But are they actually stuck behind their desks, absolutely sedentary for more hours of the day than you think?

The healthy answer

As elementary as it may seem, a highly structured fitness and nutrition regimen could mean an additional half-dozen workdays of productivity per year. Putting this in financial lingo, this would mean a salesperson earning $50,000 per year would produce an extra $1,200 annually just by showing up to work.

The savings don’t just come to you, the dealership owner, either. When it is time to renew your employees’ work-based health insurance, simply showing your insurance provider the difference in insurance claims from before the program implementation to those after could potentially lead to thousands of dollars saved in monthly insurance premiums.

Accountability is key

Once a dealership-wide wellness program is put in place, your salespeople must be 100% responsible for their health. Third-party companies that implement wellness programs at dealerships promote a team atmosphere throughout them, one where camaraderie lays the groundwork for success.

Although this may seem arbitrary, it will astound you how far your salespeople will go to ensure they stay true to the program, which in turn, means working harder than ever for your business—a business where your success is a direct reflection of the culture you have created.

Are you treating the issue of the health of your salespeople with the seriousness it deserves? Anyone can launch a 30-day healthy-eating challenge or do a mile-long fun run, but the true change and the real savings happen when the priority is given to the longevity of the employee.

The very nature of your dealership’s business is held together by you; the owner. If a culture of health focused on the well-being of employees is nurtured, cultivated, and awarded, you soon will find yourself with a room full of salespeople that will figuratively kill for you, sell for you, and stay loyal to you through thick and thin.

Dallin Frampton is the co-founder of Axum Corporate Health Strategies, a company devoted to providing preventative health care programs to automotive dealerships across the country, centered around sales-specific individuals. Through focusing on nutrition regimens and fitness agendas, Axum’s criteria can be scaled to any dealership by incorporating a culture of overall wellness, with the goal of lowering health care costs, increasing productivity, and providing a workplace experience fixated on everlasting health.

Dallin Frampton


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