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The entire world is trying to figure out how to succeed on the internet. For more established, older businesses, this can be a frustrating, painful nightmare. If you own a car dealership, you are watching as the way you used to do business falls into a blender set on “liquefy.”


Most of what you’ve known for years about how to market a dealership is now wrong. Customers are walking in off the street knowing more about a particular vehicle than your salesperson, and they are determined to “have it their way” like you are a Burger King.


After publishing Dealer Marketing Magazinefor ten years, we have seen the changes from a dealership perspective and have been trying to help our readers adjust. So, here is some help that will make a giant difference in how you do business.


In our sponsorship of PCG Digital Marketing’s various seminars for dealers, CEO Brian Pasch, introduced us to a free Google book, written by Jim Lecinski, which skillfully explains how you need to change your marketing approach, and how customers have altered the way they shop and purchase. If you read it, and embrace it, your marketing will become more effective, your sales will increase, and you will understand how your customers are making their buying decisions. The book is called ZMOT—Winning the Zero Moment Of Truth. You can download the Google book, free of charge, at:

ZMOT Cover

There is too much in the book to explain here, so we suggest you read the 75 page book for yourself, but here is a quick synopsis:


Big ad agencies used to say that when a customer enters a store, goes to the shelf of the product they are seeking, and decides which brand to buy, is the First Moment of Truth.When they take the product home and try it out to see if they like it, that is the Second Moment of Truth.


Now, because of the internet, customers are researching products online before they enter a store. This is the Zero Moment of Truth.If you, as a business are not present, online, when the customer has the Zero Moment of Truth, you lose.


Hence, get your message online, when customers are researching their future purchases. This is especially true for cars, one of the most researched products on the planet. If you are not there when customers are deciding, your business is dead meat. Obviously, there is more to it in the book, but you need to read the book. Ok? Again, free book, really important to your business, get it now, read it today!





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