The Bigger Picture on Mobile Marketing, Plus 2016 NADA Convention

For the average auto dealer, advertising is a standard part of survival as a business. Almost every dealer will disagree on exactly what kind of advertising is best. Some dealers swear by traditional advertising—newspaper, television, radio, direct mail, etc. Some dealers are all about online advertising—banner, pay-per-click, third-party leads, mobile, etc. Still others embrace a combination of all of these methods. If it works and your dealership sells cars, great!

One thought to consider strongly, however, is the fact that car buyers get older every day. That means that the teens of today will be the buyers of tomorrow, and the oldest buyers of today will be buying fewer cars in the future. It would make sense to look at these younger buyers.

One easy observation we can all make is that younger buyers are more and more engaged with their smartphone. If the buyers of tomorrow have their noses attached to the screen of their smartphone but never, ever read a newspaper (except online) it would make sense that your dealership invests in figuring out how to effectively reach those consumers while they are on those smartphones.

Instead of waiting until you are forced to invest in mobile marketing, investigate it now. If you are not already into mobile marketing, it’s time to look into mobile. This issue’s feature article is all about mobile marketing. Give it a read, and then call some of the companies that are doing mobile marketing for auto dealers and tell them you want to hear more.

With all the technological advancements and changes happening in the world of automotive marketing, a trip to the 2016 NADA Convention can help you stay competitive. The coming year’s event, to be held a month later than past conventions, will be in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 3. The hotels closest to the site of the event, the Las Vegas Convention Center, fill up very quickly. If you do plan to attend, you should take the time now to book both your flights and your hotel.

Brett Stevenson


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