The Current Status of Online Video Marketing

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Is online video marketing still on an upward trend? How important is it for an automotive dealership to implement a video marketing campaign strategy? Is online video marketing an effective means of connecting with local car buyers and service customers? Well, here is a brief overview of the current statistics about online video marketing to help answer those questions.

Growth of online video

Online video is one of the fastest growing forms of online advertising. In fact, online video will grow 55 percent in 2012 and is still ranked as top ad format for content marketing to consumers (Emarketer 2012). If you want to connect with today’s auto consumer, you need to implement an online video marketing strategy—in your social media marketing, on your dealership website, and in your search engine marketing.

As online video grows, the opportunities for video ads also increase. Video ads already account for 25 percent of all videos viewed by consumers each month (Comscore 2012). That means, statistically, if you put video ads up on the internet and effectively target low funnel buyers, your video ads will have a high chance of being seen in your local market area.

The current state of online video advertising should be enough to convince dealers to implement a video advertising strategy, but this is only the beginning of online video. Incredibly, video is expected to reach 90 percent of all web traffic by 2014 (Imedia Connection 2012). With statistics like that, online video is a must-have standard piece of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Twenty years ago your dealership could be competitive and profitable without a website. Today, it couldn’t survive without a website presence. Online video is no different. Consumers are demanding online video; if you don’t engage your customers with this format, it could cause your dealership to lose significant profits in the near future.

Effective online video

If you want your online video efforts to be successful, you need to know how to get your videos in front of in-market consumers. Using videos in search marketing (Video SEO) is an effective means of gaining exposure to those in-market car buyers actively searching on websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so don’t forget to include keyword tags with all your videos. The use of keyword tags for search engine optimization (SEO) in online web video can increase engagement rates anywhere from 40 percent to 300 percent (Mediapost 2012).

Google sites are still ranked number one for consumers watching online video (Experian Hitwise 2012). Focus your efforts on the sites that give you the greatest exposure, with a focus on any Google-owned property, including Youtube.

Online video is the future of advertising. Advertisers ranked digital online video ads higher in effectiveness than traditional TV ads (BrightRoll Survey 2012). The trends are clear; online video is now the best and most effective means to communicate your ad messaging to consumers. Implement a strategy today to increase your sales and service business.

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